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Sarah’s Story: “They harass everyone, no matter looks”

I was walking to a grocery store when I realized the voices behind me were following me no matter what speed I was at, and to make it better they were talking about my body. I turned down a well known street. Why is it well known? A neighborhood cop lives there. Of course as I turned they had one last thing to say, “I will ride your pussy!”. I wasn’t about to give up my trip to the store so I took the long route, unfortunately that gave them enough time to go to DQ and come back, as soon as I saw them in the distance and they saw me (unfortunately I had a brightish pink sports tanks on with the same pink strip on my exercise shorts) they immediately turned in my direction and sped up, so I ran like the wind to my street where I saw an older couple walking. This is my mom uploading the story for me, but I am only 14 and the boys harassing me were my age or younger.
P.s. Though it shouldn’t matter how you are dressed I was dressed VERY modestly, knee length baggy shorts, three finger strap on tank top, sports bra so I wasn’t even very large in the chest area at the time. My point is they harass everyone no matter looks, and parents need to not only tell girls how to avoid these situations but tell there boys how amazingly stupid and horrid harassment is.

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Melissa’s Story: Pushy Poser

I was in the town I went to college in on a night out with some friends. As we were walking down the street, these two very drunk guys approached my friends and I, who were walking side-by-side three across. There was room on the sidewalk for them to have gone to one side to get around us, but instead the started approaching us head-on, forcing us to split up. My 2 friends went around them to the right and I went around them to the left, and as I did so the one closest to me grabbed me with his arms over my shoulders like he was trying to give me a very agressive hug, saying, “Hey beautiful, where you going?” I freaked out completely, pushed him away and yelled, “Get the fuck off me!” Everyone around us stared and my friends didn’t understand why I was so upset, but I’m sure if it had been one of them in my place they would have been just as PISSED to have some random guy assume it was okay to grab them that way.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Menacing Men

I was just walking back toward my dorm alone at 3 in the afternoon when two men (adults, clearly NOT Brown students) stopped me under the pretense of asking directions to the pool. What followed was a string of incredibly creepy innuendoes, ogling, and clearly unwanted, inappropriate advances, which thankfully ceased after I walked away, feeling totally disgusted.

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Tina’s Story: “Harassment has to stop”

As a white woman with a lot of curves, I have received a lot of attention while growing up. The attention started with honks from truck drivers when I was 13, and has continued through my high school, college, and post grad life.

The most off-putting and infuriating experience was at Towson Town Mall in Towson, Maryland during my first year of college. I had an errand to run, so instead of going with a group of friends like I usually would I went by myself. While taking an escalator down to my next stop, a man at the top of the stairs started shouting. “Damn, white girl! Look at that ass!” I presume that he was referring to me, but I was not about to turn around to check. When I didn’t not respond, he shouted again- “Girl, I’m tryin’ to holla at you! Turn around” By this time I was getting off the escalator and started walking a bit faster towards my next stop and he shouts again- “Bitch, I’m talking to you. Turn the fuck around.”

I’m feeling threatened by the point in the “conversation” and steer my path in front of two security guards, hoping they would interfere and ask the man to leave me alone.

Instead, as I walk by the officers, still being followed by the shouting man, the two security guards say “Oh damn, girl. How you doin??”

I quickly turned into the closest store, and hid behind stands to get out of their line of sight. I still think about that moment, 5 years later.

How could it be that NO ONE interfered? Not one bystander said anything. Not one security guard said anything. I didn’t say anything. This is NOT something that I should feel ashamed of.

What I find most frustrating about situations like these is that when I debriefed and told a group of college friends, at least one reaction is:

Well, Tina. You have to learn not to go to the mall by yourself anymore.


You do have a really large ass, so I can see why he would say something.

Harassment has to stop.

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Lo’s Story: Never Forget

It was a hot night in the middle of a sweltering Pittsburgh summer. I was wearing a sun dress out one night with friends. At the end of the night, my friend and I went to get food. I stood in the doorway of a gyro shop as she scanned around to see if there were any tables. My backside was in the doorway toward the street. All of a sudden, I felt this weird sensation on, around, and then in my vagina. It honestly took me a few seconds to put together what was happening. By then it was too late. I whipped my head around and saw the guy run off down the street.

I burst into tears, and my friend came running over. I told her what happened and we started walking home, both of us horrified. By some stroke of luck, we walked past a cop who was already arresting this drunk kid. We stood nearby and waited to report it. When it was our turn, we told the cop what happened. He looked me up and down and told me I shouldn’t of been wearing a dress, and did nothing else.

Who gave this man the right to touch my body? Where did he get the nerve to put his hand up a stranger’s dress and inside her body, on a crowded street? Why was it my fault that this happened? All I can do now is never forget; stay angry and fight back to help protect myself and other women.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Hatin’ the Honk

We were walking down the street and a man honked at us as he drove past

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Kaylee’s Story: Pitbulls and Perpetrators

My 14 year old neighbor and I (24) were waiting for my car to finish being cleaned at the car wash, so we decided to take a short walk with my two pitbulls (the most loving, affectionate, and well behaved dogs I have ever met).

During our 40 minute walk along the sidewalks of this busy shopping area we were honked at and/or catcalled 5 times, from what I can only assume to be 5 separate cars. I could not tell what car it was coming from on any occasion. I felt so disrespected and all I could think about was that I was younger than my neighbor the first time this happened to me, maybe 12. It was broad daylight, on a Thursday, in what I considered a safe area. I live on that street. It makes be feel less safe in my home. At the beginning of the walk I was most concerned that my neighbor was holding onto the leash properly so that my younger puppy would not run out into the road. By, the end of the walk, I was consumed with a feelings of fear and apprehension about being in my own neighborhood.

I love breaking down the stereotypes about my dogs breed, and showing people that they can be and are well-behaved love bugs. After all the catcalls and verbal harassment I have received since I was 12, I think I am ready to fight the ignorance some men have in thinking that this kind of harassment is a compliment or is in any way anything less than threatening.

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Adriana’s Story: “I deserve to feel free”

I was walking out of my apartment building in Brooklyn, heading to the bus stop to take the ride into the city for class. As soon as I exited the lobby, a few guys were standing outside. One proceeded to yell at me. I forget what he said… it was something to get my attention.

I didn’t make any faces, I didn’t make any noises, I simply ignored him. How did I know if he was actually talking to me? He got upset or bothered by the fact that I didn’t respond to his request for attention or affection. So he threw his food at me. It missed me by a few inches, as I was walking away from him, I saw it in my peripheral vision. That made me uneasy. What gave him the right to throw his food at me because I didn’t respond to his advance? A vulgar advance, an unsolicited advance.

I used to walk around Brooklyn with baggy clothes on, oversized hoodies, sneakers to get away from people quick if needed be. Then I decided to move, because living that way is absurd. I deserve to feel free, to feel safe, to feel secure. Now I do.

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Prometheus’ Story: “My friend was mortified”

First of all, I am sorry for my anonymity. I just feel more comfortable that way. And this happened to my friend and I about two years ago.

I was showing one of my friends around a town I work in, taking her to all of my favorite shops and pointing out bakeries. Now, I never get catcalled. I’m overweight, my hair is a bit of a frizzy mess, and I also have the benefit of being built like a bear. My friend however is itty bitty and stunningly attractive. But she is unfamiliar with this kind of harassment since she is from a rural farming community.

I had noticed a man had been following a similar route as us, deviating only a bit to look at shops. But he never got more than thirty feet away from us. It made me rather uneasy, so I quietly told my friend to be a bit careful. Within minutes he decided to make his move. He just walked up and picked her up by her breasts, not even looking at me! He was outright trying to walk off with her, just like that!

My friend was mortified, and I was PISSED. I put my hands over his face and yanked him backwards to stop him before he could actually run off. He ended up letting go of my friend and running away himself after taking a punch at me.

My friend panicked, and she ran out into a more busy street. I couldn’t catch up to her very easily because of my weight, but I could hear people catcalling her and hollaring, the whole nine yards. By the time I found her she was just curled up and crying beside a trashcan.

The worst part is, even though the police tried really hard, they were unable to find the guy who tried to carry her off. My friend is mortified at the idea of walking around in any town now, this really shook her up, even so long afterwards.

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: A Week of Firsts!

Dear Hollas,

It’s that time of week again! Let’s learn what our different Hollaback! sites have been up to this week…

At the Mothership…

BM_WB1gCQAEvrQqEmily spoke on a panel at the NYC Civic Corps June seminar to a crowd that was psyched about the work that Hollaback! is doing globally!

Interns Maya and Sarah attended the NY premiere of the documentary “Anita” and got to meet Anita Hill after the show! Hollaback!, our work, and Emily were featured in the film as well!

Program Associate Jae Cameron and Emily attended the Morgan Stanley Challenge, where our team of pro-bono Morgan Stanley employees went head to head with other organizations. Our team didn’t officially end, but they won our hearts.

Hollaback! Around the World…

Hollaback! Belfast participated in “Feminist Fairytales” as a part of the anti-G8 demonstrations happening in Northern Ireland! The event was called “Folk the G8.”390063_151596138361407_1988429113_n

Hollaback! Bosnia and Herzegovina launched their opening party! It was a huge success!DSCF0887-e1371496052949-225x300

Hollaback! Croatia marched in their annual Pride Parade! Check out their pictures and story here!

Hollaback! Berlin gave a workshop revolving around the “Democracy Movement,” helping answer the question, “How much initiative and movement does Democracy need?”

Hollaback! Chennai officially announces the beginning of their “Hollaback! Fridays” in partnership with Vivanta by Taj-Connemara, Chennai!

Hollaback! London is reaching out to see if anyone wants to tell their stories to a documentary film maker! You would have the option of remaining anonymous.

Hollaback! Boston interviewed badass Boston-based designer Asha Isabella for their “Introducing” series!

Hollaback! Czech Republic‘s Gail Whitmore performed for the first ever International Women’s Conference in the Czech Republic.


Hollaback! Halifax was featured in the Evening News with Rebecca Lau on Global Maritimes (skip ahead to 7 min!)

Hollaback! Chennai and Hollaback! rep Prajnya Trust were quoted in a Deccan Chronicle article this Wednesday!

Hollaback! Ottawa was discussed regarding the rise in sexual assaults on public transportation in their Metro News!


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