Vicki’s Story: Hot Tub Hollaback!

Today I was at my local indoor pool, looking after the two young boys I nanny for. While in the hot tub, I noticed two older boys, probably around age 13 or 14. The boys seemed to recognize one of the kids I was caring for from school, but he seemed very wary of them, as the way they were acting was very loud, aggressive, and in-your-face. The entire time we were there, they kept ogling my breasts, and I could feel their eyes on my back when I stood up. Both of the older boys had googles and snorkels with them, and kept going underwater and not-so-subtly pressing on my ass with their entire torsos as they swam by. The first time it happened, I was like, “Well, I’m sure that was just an accident… I mean, the undertow from the jets in the hot tub IS pretty strong, he could have easily swum astray and bumped into me”. The second time I was like, “Yeah… his hand just brushed my crotch… Undertow definitely doesn’t force someone to do that…”. Just when I thought it was over, one of them came around a third time when I wasn’t looking and rubbed up hard against me. While he was underwater and pressing me, I made eye contact with the other one (he had a big grin on his face) and the little shit knew exactly what was happening, disgusting little pervert. When the groper came up for air after the third time, I gave him a look that said, “You touch me again and I’ll kick your fucking teeth out” and they just laughed, like my anger and disgust at them was hilarious. After their laughter died down and they looked ready to pull the same shit again, I grabbed the kids, gave the older boys a cold look, and said, “You know exactly what you were just doing. Don’t be such dicks.” They looked surprised that I had cursed at them, but laughed again anyways. I left feeling disgusted and appalled that boys so young already had such poor impulse control and such a lack of respect for women’s bodies and feelings. When things like this happen to me in my own community, and in a public place, it makes me feel certain that today’s brazen and shameless groper is tomorrow’s perpetrator of rape.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    I know the feeling. I went on the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship over the week of June 2nd and had a similar thing happen. I was in the hot tub with my boyfriend, two other girls and an older couple and this kid who was maybe 10 or 12 years old got in wearing goggles. He started splashing the girls, so at first I thought maybe he was related to them. Then he starts swimming around under the water and then comes up and “honks” my boyfriend’s nose and laughing. My boyfriend, who tolerates no shit but is saintly patient, sarcastically said, “Very cute, kid.” Then the kid reaches out under the water and before I even realize what’s happening, grabs my breast. My boyfriend saw exactly what happened and asked the kid, “Did you just grab her chest?” The kid laughs and my boyfriend gets angry and says, “You better get the fuck out of here, you don’t ever do that!” The kid suddenly goes from laughing to nervous and gets up and runs out of the hot tub, slipping and falling (revenge of the universe?) on his way down the steps. My boyfriend calls after him, “You better be glad, if you were older, this would have ended very differently!” It scares me that kids that age are like that, but considering how he was unsupervised, I can only imagine his father was probably over at one of the bars touching and harassing other women. Disrespect and sexism begins at home. I’m sorry that happened to you, Em, and I’m sorry the kids you nanny for had to experience that too.

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