Welp, today I am a “ghetto bitch” because I didn’t “smile”. And somehow I feel bad about it? Not fair.

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Spreading The Holla Worldwide

Here’s our weekly update:

As part of the RaiseForWomen Challenge with the Huffington post and Half the Sky, Hollaback! Intern Julia Daye published a piece on in the Huffington Post titled “Shaping Stories of Violence: Power of the Online Bystander.” Check it out!

Hollaback! Chennai SH Drawingcovers the story of a street harassment workshop in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. The leader of the workshop, Bonnie Zare, turned to Hollaback! for materials to use during the workshop. Horray for spreading resources!

Hollaback! Edinburgh attended the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group (CPG) on Men’s Violence Against Women and Children last week. There, hollas reported on their work to-date, survey results on street harassment, and some forthcoming plans.

Hollaback! Boston welcomes Nicole, the newest edition to their HollaTeam! This upcoming June, Boston hollas are partnering with Boston GLOW (Girls’ Leadership, Organized Women) to host a workshop in June on spotting, stopping, and responding to street harassment. In preparation for the workshop, Boston invites you to fill out this survey. Check out their newest post on their site, “Understanding Street Harassment” by Kayla. In this week’s edition of Boston’s “Introducing” series, hollas interview Katie, a Boston-based writer and editor. Finally, Hollaback! Boston is saying goodbye to one of its founding members, Jane Carper. Thank you Jane for all you’ve done for this Holla family!

Hollaback! Philly celebrated the launch of their street harassment comic book this past week at Locust Moon Comics. This weekend, hollas are heading to Philadelphia Wizard Con to exhibit their new publication.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Walking down the street

I am walking down the street and a man says” you got a lot of ass come here to big daddy”.  I ignore him and he calls me a hoe.

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J.P.’s Story: “I used to feel safe”

Stopped into a pub for a nightcap and some food after attending a fun lecture elsewhere. I used to feel safe at this neighborhood pub but things have changed. I sat at the far end of the bar where there are no gambling machines and drank my wine. Drunk guy comes over from mid bar to tell me “how pretty I am”. “Thank you. I have a boyfriend”. He leaves for a minute but comes back protesting to his friend “how pretty I am”. Clearly not caring that I don’t wish to talk to him at all! “please leave me alone” I say and I get up and go to the bathroom – hoping he will go sit down and leave me alone. After spending extra time in the bathroom I come back out. He’s still there! The random guy next to me tells him to leave me alone. I ask for my check and prepare to leave. He keeps trying to talk to me. After having asked three times and being frustrated I took my purse and hit him in the head with it. :). It worked! Everyone laughed at him which made him leave! I will use that move again. Wanted to share.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Grandpa has some lessons to learn

I was at Zaxby’s and my grandmother went in to get some food for my uncle, while I was waiting in the car with my grandfather, he catcalled three girl who were walking into the restaurant.

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Hana’s Story: Creepy groper get a facefull of coffee

I live in Tokyo, an generally the worst thin that happens is getting your butt touched by some creepy on the subway at rush hour. It isn’t fun, but you learn to wear big heels and crush business men’s feet. Or, they will just open their wallets and ask you how much.

But the most problems you will ever get are from other foreigners. For some reason, they act like complete assholes. It scares a lot of japanese people, too, but I am from New York so when someone says something to me, I am not just going to go down without a fight. I have screamed and one one occasion smacked a man who grabbed my ass while walking by in Shinjuku.

I got out of a live at 10pm and went to grab something to drink from Starbucks, as I had just spent 5 hours at a rock concert getting the crap kicked out of me. I was wearing my usual concert gear and had gotten some rather awful stares, so I was already on edge.

As I walk up to the Starbucks, this foreign guy in a suit comes up and slides his hand along my side and says “hello”. I brush him off and, shaking, go into the store.

The sweet boy at the register gets my drink and compliments my hair, and I felt a little more human rather than a piece of meat.

I go back outside with my coffee and go to walk away and here is this guy, who once again tries to cop a feel. So, I throw my coffee on him and start screaming in English, which causes quite a commotion. The guy bolts, a bunch of Japanese people are staring at me like I have completely lost my shit (and I all truth, I had) and my hands are covered in cold coffee..

I went back into the store. The sweet boy behind the counter saw what happened and he gave me some napkins and got me a new drink, for free.

Sometimes, you really just have to throw something at them to get them to leave you be. I don’t think he will be bothering anyone for a while. I hope everyone stared at him the entire way home as he had to sit in his sticky, wet suit.


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Natalie’s Story: Holla-ing Back Even When Outnumbered

I was in the Albertson’s grocery store by myself in the middle of the day when I noticed one employee trailing me. I turned on to another aisle and saw him meet up with other employees and they all began catcalling, making weird little sounds while blatantly staring at me. I was trying to find the items I needed so that I could get out of there, and they began commenting on how I must like it since I was staying there and taking it.

I expressed my frustration on a message board that local people post on, and although there were a surprising number of men who tried to shame me for getting harassed, the response was mostly supportive. I feel that people who do this are just bullies, because this only happens to me when I am by myself.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Hey Officer, “Aren’t you supposed to help me feel safe?”

It’s annoying enough when a man stares at you like he is trying to see through your clothes, but when that man is an uniformed officer, it almost feels worse. Aren’t you supposed to help me feel safe?

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HOLLA ON THE GO: I didn’t ask your opinion

Group of boys shouting names and saying things like “oh I like your shorts” in a threatening manner

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Hollaback! Employer Guide Launches!

Debjani March

Dear Hollas–

Its been a big week for Hollaback! We just launched our first ever Employer Guide! The guide outlines options for employers, unions, and service providers for addressing street harassment. We foresee this being a valuable tool for workplaces in raising awareness and addressing street harassment in support of their clients and employees. So share, share, share!

This week at the mothership:

  • Hollaback! stands strong against violence! This week, after the fatal shooting of Marc Carson, our Deputy Director Debjani joined many others in an anti-homophobia anti-violence march in New York City.
  • Partners, galore! We met with partners from Oxfam, AVP, the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault, the Center for Anti-Violence Education, and the LAMP.
  • Emily’s in Fast Company! Giving shout-outs to ROOKIE and FORCE no less!  Hollaback! was featured in Belle Jar this week in a piece titled “Hollaback, Girls” and got a shout out BikeNYC.


Here’s what’s going on around the world:

Hollaback! Buenos Aires celebrated May 17th, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Check out the hollas great blog post in honor of the important day of awareness.

Hollaback! Gent attended the Queer, Feminist Praxis and Social Media Workshop in Brighton, UK!! Hollas hosted a community circle with participants to share stories of harassment and brainstorm ideas on effective ways to address it. They then led a chalkwalk in the streets of Brighton. Check out their roundup of the event as well as some great pictures!

Hollaback! Alberta Celebrates the University of Alberta Pride Week 2013! Check out these beautiful photos!

Hollaback! Ottawa is doing a street harassment survey! Take a few seconds to fill out their questionnaire.

Hollaback! Boston held a HOLLA Offline event to plan their float for Pride Parade and a holla-full summer. Hollas interviewed two trailblazing Bostonians for their “Introducing” series. The first introduces Kayla, Boston’s new summer intern! Welcome to the Hollaback! family, Kayla! The second introduces Beverly, cyclist and street harassment avenger extraordinaire! This week, Kate posted an important follow up to last week’s “Clever or Creepy” discussion, with accompanying guest entry by her friend Amelia.

Hollaback! Poland came out with a powerful video documenting”Why I Hollaback” messages collected during anti-street harassment week last month. Watch it here:

Hollaback! Des Moines is holding two community nights at Buffalo Wild Wings. Twenty percent of sales will benefit Hollaback! Des Moines.

Hollaback! Philly will be releasing their much anticipated street harassment comic book, “Red, Yellow, Blue” this weekend at Locust Moon Comics. Philly hollas also held a hangout to discuss the next steps of their Anti-Street Harassment PSA ad campaign. Stay tuned!

Another great week at Hollaback! thanks to all of you. Have a good weekend and keep up the incredible work!

Holla and out —

The HOLLAteam

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