Emma’s Story: “At this point I feel very vulnerable and I keep wondering why is this happening to me?”

Street harassed 3 times 🙁

The first time I experienced harassment was 4 months ago, I it was summer time at about 8.45pm on my way back from the supermarket as I was waiting on the side of the road for the traffic to clear I saw this weird looking guy approach me, wanting to touch me — I had to put my shopping bag down and push him out to stop him from touching me and kept saying to him to Please go away and to leave me alone while I am waiting for the road to clear. I managed to cross the road and I was in tears because of the thing that just struck me. Ever since I’m becoming more aware of the street and to always look at my surrounding whenever I am walking alone. Just as the uneasy feelings started to go away the 2nd harassment happened about a month ago.  I was walking home from my bus stop to my apartment at about 7pm when a guy from across the the street started yelling at me for no reason.. I try to ignore him and kept on walking until this crazy guy crossed the road and started to follow me home. Being aware that someone followed me, I started to run and luckily there was a car coming and it had slowed him down and I managed to get into my apartment building just in time.
3rd harassment happened today, I came out from work at 5pm walking on the CBD street with 4 friends and somehow this guy came out from nowhere and growled at me…

At this point I feel very vulnerable and I keep wondering why is this happening to me? what would the best way to prevent this from happening in the near future? sometimes the thought of what if it gets worse compared to all of the experiences I had above freak me out .. I always dress down and avoid to making eye contact with strangers and yet it doesn’t seem to work. However, sharing this story makes me feel slightly better.


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  1. Trista says:

    Walk with your head held high and act like you own the street. If someone is approaching you and you get a bad feeling, take out your cell and pretend to be telling someone about where you are. Go into lengthy descriptions so the jerk gets the impression someone is waiting for you right around the corner. Works when people pull up beside you in their cars to. Just act like someone is calling you and that you are too busy to be bothered. And eye contact can be good sometimes. I practically shout “hello” to anyone while walking down the street by myself at night. And all while glaring into their eyes. It shows them whose boss.

  2. Sarah says:

    I hate that you think you need to dress down and basically act ashamed to avoid this kind of harassment!! What you need to remember that, no matter what you’re wearing or what you’re doing, NO ONE has the right to speak to you that way, to try to touch you, or to follow you home.

    There’s something seriously wrong with THEM, not you!! You’re great!

    Here’s a tip that has worked okay for me. Instead of keeping your head down and trying to seem invisible, hold it right up high. Before going out, practice your best “mean-muggin’ bitch” face and wear it proud when you see a creepy dude.

    A lot of these losers are less likely to screw with a woman who looks like a hard ass who has her shit together as opposed to someone who looks like they might be easier to push around.

    Will this always work? No. Absolutely not. But the real point it: don’t let these jerks take your confidence from you.

    They suck. You don’t. And you’re not alone, either.

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