Sak’s story from India: Repeat offender in the neighborhood

Story of a girl :- One day one of my friends in P.G. got a call from here boy friend. She went out side coz there was some signal problem. When she was romaing at the tarace. A person was also roaming in the opposite building. The persons side’s lights were switched off. As my friend was talking on phone, that guy on opposite building removed all his clothes , and became naked, and started doing masterbation , facing my friend.My friend become awful, she aint was able to understand what is happining. She came running inside and told us the thing. We both went outside , and turned our tarrace light on, the guy quickly put his shorts up and went inside. I was also awful, what is this man doing. Aint he have any sister or mother. After that we share the scene with our fellow P.G. mate. One of them said, its usual that guy always became naked when i came outside on phone, i kust ignore that guy.Till date i have seen that guy doning this shameful act 4 times. I want to ask u. Is there not even single place for us girl to live. Coz of these shame ful act our parents fear to send us outside for studies…. plz do leave a coment.

Dated 19 april 2011


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  1. Bhanu Sharma Advocate says:

    dear u can call the police and inform them abut that boy. but remember plz dont disclose your name.
    u can tell ur family members abut that.

  2. Gaurav says:

    Its a act which cannot be tolerated at any cost! you must report this matter to police immediately!!!

    If u fear or for any other reason you can appraise the police then must bring this into the knowledge of women cell, Delhi Police.

    Gaurav Goel,
    Attorney- At- Law

  3. MS says:

    He is clearly out of control. He surely has a medical condition that comes under the psychopath group. As such, he is a risk to himself and people around him. He needs to be medicated for the safety of people around him. Even then he is a risk. It’s quite clear. Someone will lose their life or something bad will happen if the doctors or police dont do something. This is a criminal case waiting to happen.

  4. PR (Engineer) says:

    Go to the police!

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