Tim’s story: Joining the movement!

Walking back from the shops along a busy main road in London I saw a man leering out of his van and wolf whistling at a girl in front of me. I walked right up to his van and gave him a sarcastic cheeky/flirty wave, then the middle finger which shut him up.

By coincidence when I got home I saw this article on the bbc news website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-12771938

This bit in particular I thought was noteworthy.

“Not all men impose unwanted attention upon women, and Kearl agrees that it’s important for these men to join in the movement to stop street harassment.”

So as in my case today I think it’s important that men make those who indulge in street harassment aware that it’s not acceptable, preferably without endangering their own safety or that of others! I apologize if it’s wrong to take offence on behalf of a woman and appear to be playing the hero, but I find it extremely offensive myself, hate it when my girlfriend tells me she’s had a similar experience and hope that other guys would do the same as I did today if it was her that was being whistled at.


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  1. √Člise says:

    It’s not wrong, it’s awesome! Men like that need to see that other men don’t support their behaviour – and also, in my experience, harassing men are way more likely to back off a woman if another man intervenes (we should stick up for ourselves, of course, but this is true).

  2. Jenn says:

    You’re not wrong, Tim! You did the right thing and for the right reasons and in the right way (i.e. no fisticuffs, lol)! You weren’t “defending her honor” or helping her because she couldn’t help herself, or any of that chivalry bullcrap–you saw something you thought was unacceptable, and you made your feelings apparent to the perpetrator. You helped a fellow human being in a sticky situation, and made that van driver think twice about his actions. It was common courtesy, really, which is all most women want from a stranger on the street, lol. Good for you, mate! I wish there were more people to follow your example!

  3. Leila says:

    Thanks Tim,
    Much appreciated.

  4. I think that's awesome says:

    Thank you for what you did.

  5. Leah says:

    Thanks mate. This doesn’t happen enough!

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