Anna’s Story: Put your penis away, no wants to see it

While I was taking the E train home tonight at 10pm, I saw these two jerks jerking off in the subway. One of them came so close to me that when I realized what he was doing, I punched him really hard on the chest to push him away (surprisingly, my natural reaction) and started cursing at him. Of course, the bystanders just shake their heads and and stare. What is amazing is that one of them started justifying their actions by saying you can’t blame the poor man…blah blah blah…I was so shocked that I just started snapping pictures…One of them took off at Roosevelt Ave and the other followed me to the M train and started jerking off in front of two young girls sitting next to each other…So I went over and told him he better hide his ugly penis and told the girls to be careful of this jerk!


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  1. Natalie says:

    Good for you! What fucking creeps. I can’t believe people just excuse that kind of behavior! I’m as sympathetic as the next person in most situations, but I don’t care if you’re insane or homeless or what. Keep it in your pants, especially in front of children.

  2. Marie says:

    Because no one (as in bystanders) don’t respond, they seem to be getting bolder and less ashamed. I really don’t want this to get worse before it gets better but I sadly keep getting that impression.

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