Stella’s story: The spit that humiliated me!

Last night on my subway ride home, a man sat down across from me and spit on me. When I asked what his problem was he threatened to beat me and spit in my face. I walked to the other end of the car as he yelled obscenities and threats at me. He was a totally normal looking guy in his early 20’s. I have no idea if he was drunk, high, insane, or just an angry terrible person. No one on the train had my back or asked if I was alright, even though it was obvious what was going on. I don’t normally have a problem standing up for myself, but I felt genuinely threatened by the situation and didn’t feel like there was anything I could do about it except change cars at the next station. I just hope that this guy doesn’t ride my train line regularly.


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  1. emirjame says:

    I understand why you feel quite concerned & it is shocking nobody stood up for you. An explanation (though totally not acceptable) is that people may have thought that you knew each-other and didn’t want to get in a domestic fight.
    Your message reminds me that it is good to know in underground trains how to reach staff – because this is definitely a punishable complaint.
    Another thing to think about (I do not have the answer) is how to get help from other passengers. That sentence should definitely be something like: “Please help me! I don’t know him and he spit on me!!!”

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