Leila’s story: “No means yes, yes means anal”, “We love Yale sluts.”

For years now I have been deeply concerned by a yearly ritual verbal assault on women by a fraternity at Yale in my home town of New Haven. Every year the new pledges are gathered in front of the Women’s Center and told to chant phrases like, “No means yes, yes means anal”, “We love Yale sluts.” Imagine if you were visiting┬áthe center that day and were greeted by this. This went on for years with no repercussions for the offenders while the outrage of the Yale and local community was met with silence from the university’s administration and hostility and claims of entitlement from the offenders. You can look these instances up in the archives of The Yale Daily News as well as the New Haven Register. Though this year the university made some attempt at curtailing these behaviors, it is really too little too late. I hope this drives the point home that women are being attacked on every front. Not just in certain types of communities. In EVERY community. Please sisters… speak up and share your stories for the good of us all.


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  1. Leila says:

    I am unsure why there is no push pin for this post… In case you missed the address it is 198 Elm st. New Haven CT 06511.

  2. Liz says:

    This makes me sick. I can’t believe it has been allowed to go on. If it was any other group…Jews, African-Americans, etc……that was being harassed as part of an “initiation” it would be stopped.

  3. myrna says:

    There is really something wrong with our culture that has such a sick emphasis on sex; which objectifies women to the point where they are “nothing”; and which allows men to think that this kind of behavior is ok, and what a man is and does. Anyone who thinks we have made progress over the last 30 years in the areas of human sexuality, and relations between the sexes, should read further and open his/her eyes. We are a nation lacking in respect for one another, not to mention the lack of spiritual values.

  4. JB says:

    If I lived in the area I’d be out there with a video camera. This needs to be blasted over the Internet for Yale admin to get it. Right now it’s not enough of an embarrassment.

  5. Lo says:

    They should fill buckets with feces, and dump them on those misogynist bastards.

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