Why Didn’t They Help Me?

I was walking out of work one night. It was around 9 pm on a Sunday. As I started down the street towards the subway, I saw a group of guys come out of a club next the my work’s building. I didn’t really think much of it, because it is New York City.

When I got a little closer, they started hollering at me, and one guy came up to me and started saying things like “Listen, all these brothers want to fuck you right now, right here, okay? They want to fuck you so hard…”

I told the guy to screw off, and I crossed the street. They they followed me. This was a group of about 15 guys, and I am one 125 lb girl, and I don’t get scared that easily, but I felt like it was time to run. When they started trying to grab at me, it was absolutely time to leave. So I took off in the other direction, and ran into the Trader Joe’s on 6th Ave. They didn’t follow me.

Now here’s my question. There were three clubs on that street with bouncers standing outside of them- including the club that these guys had come out of. Where were the bouncers, and why didn’t they help me?

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  1. banana says:

    I think it’s that men protecting other men. How else can this be? You running being chased by a mini mob. That’s clearly terrifying and un freaking fair but it’s a psychological pre-set just like the earnest belief by men and women to assault victims: “she wanted it.”

  2. J.C. says:

    You are asking? because they are men. Similar thing happened to me on the subway where these three boys starting making comments about my body and calling me a bitch. All the men stood there and stared like it was amusing. It was finally a nice black woman who interupted them and distracted them enough to leave me alone. The three morons finally got off the train.

  3. Amber says:

    Is it illegal in NY to witness a crime & do nothing? If so, i’d talk to the cops & see what they can do. Maybe at least, they’ll post more police in the area. Also, I’d talk to every business owner or manager of the businesses in the area & let them know that u may never go to their business again since u weren’t safe. It’s good that ultimately u were safe though. 🙂

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