Arrest and/or conviction, public masturbation, Street harassment in the media

Perv in a Pixel

The New York Post reports that last week a brave Brooklyn student named Annie Jiang helped to catch a guy who was masturbating against her on a crowded train by taking his photo with her cell phone camera. “I tried to take a picture of him because I didn’t want to scream on the train,” Jiang said. “It was blurry, but I got it.”

The story reminds me of the inspiring story of Thao Nygun, who almost five years ago exactly photographed restaurant owner Dan Hoyt with her cell phone camera while he was masturbating on the train.  Thao said, “I knew I would feel terrible afterwards if I didn’t do anything.”  Thao’s brave act inspired us to launch Hollaback! and today she’s a member of our board.

Two incredible women taking bold actions for a better world.  Now that something to HOLLA about!

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The Movement


WAH-NAILS in London runs HollabackLDN, and posted this on their blog this morning.  My favorite part? The “we are everyone, we are everywhere” banners on the sides.  With new Hollabacks popping up left and right, this isn’t just wishful thinking.

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Portland Potty-mouth

Portland, OR is a place where I actually encountered little sexual harassment on the street! Is it ironic that I am grateful I was able to exist in public without visual appraisal? After a few weeks I stopped expecting it. Then one day, as I was walking my bike down a fairly unpopulated sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon, a man who had been walking behind me caught up and said,

“Not to be disrespectful, but that is a very pretty backside.” UGH. As I biked by him on the way up the block, I yelled back, “it IS disrespectful!!” and I could hear him murmur, “well, it’s still pretty.”

Submitted by Esther

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No Zen for me

I was walking home from yoga when I heard “I want to fuck the shit out of you.”

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