Named Giving & Sponsorship Opportunities

Hollaback! is delighted to provide the following opportunities to donors who wish to restrict their gifts of $2,500 or more to a particular program or activity that resonates with their philanthropic goals. Donors will be recognized in our publications and on our website, and donors may also choose to remain anonymous. Sponsorship opportunities can bear your name or the name of a loved one. Following are annual and multi-year giving opportunities that can be paid in full or pledged to pay over time.


I. Contribute to a Named Fund

A three-year gift of $15,000 or more can be directed to a specific program or activity of Hollaback! to support annual operating expenses of our key program areas. The Fund can bear your name or the name of a loved one for three years, and after a year one $5,000 pledge payment other donors can contribute to the Fund at any level, for example on your birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.

You can direct your “Donor Name” Fund for Hollaback! to one or more of our key programs, including:

Global Site Leaders Program

fund our program that trains young people for six months to launch their own Hollaback! chapters locally, and join our network of 550+ leaders for ongoing training and help.


support our an online platform that allows people to report and document online harassment, and to receive real-time support from members.

Bystander Intervention Trainings

underwrite these in-person and online trainings that transform friends, neighbors and strangers into instant advocates who can effectively prevent and respond to harassment.


II. Direct your giving through the following sponsorship opportunities:


Fund a Global Site Leader Convening in NYC

Sponsor an in-person and virtual gathering of our 69 leaders from across the world so they may come together to share best practices, and learn from one another, and support each another.  



Sponsor the HeartMob upgrade

Fund the technology upgrade to improve the user interface of our online platform that allows people to report and document online harassment, and to receive real-time support from members.



Expand the reach of Hollaback!’s app globally

Fund translation services of Hollaback!’s app into 5-10 more languages so that even more people can have easy access to anti-harassment tech tools. Your gift will also support back-end updates to our app to ensure any bugs get fixed quickly.



Sponsor a Hollaback! Fellow for one year

Cover the expenses of one Hollaback! Fellow for one year. Hollaback! Fellows expand our organizational capacity tremendously for HeartMob, Communications, Graphic Design, Legislative and Development, and Programs. Your gift will fund a $1,000 monthly stipend, transit benefits, and team-building gatherings and meals.



Fund Hollaback’s! Global Site Leader Training

Your gift will support our intensive six-month leadership training for 50 individuals who will launch and run 10 new Hollaback! websites. Participants learn about strategic planning, community outreach, intersectionality, traditional and social media, and public speaking.

Sponsor a global anti-harassment campaign

Your gift will fund a widespread online and peer-to-peer campaign to end harassment led by Hollaback!’s Global Site Leaders.




Fund five of Hollaback!’s Popular Webinars

Your gift will sponsor a series of Hollaback! webinars, engaging participants around the world in action to end harassment. The webinars cover topics such as how to respond to harassment on the Internet, on the street and in the workplace, importance of documentation, and how to be an instant advocate for friends, family, neighbors and strangers.



Sponsor one Bystander Intervention Training for a Non-Profit

Support a Bystander Intervention training which will equip participants at a non-profit organization with the tools to intervene when they observe actions that are misaligned with the organization’s values, policies, or procedures. The training will help create a culture where harassment is more quickly identified and effectively addressed at all levels of the organization.


For more information on named giving and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at [email protected]