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Mountain View
October 14, 2020

Street Harassment: Man shouted “hey baby”

Man shouted “hey baby” at me and my friend as we walked past. This is the third time he has catcalled us in this park. This time I told him to “f*ck off”. This did not dissuade him and he yelled out again, something like “hey ladies”. I think he liked the attention. I won’t be trying that method again.
October 8, 2020

WorkplaceHarassment: Sexually harassed by a guy

Sexually harassed by a guy at work (ex manager) who had always been nice to me and helpful asked me for my number TWICE over facebook complimented me on my photos on facebook after I left 2 years ago - leered at me stared at me looked down my tops and looked up my skirts and dresses physically touched my body watching me enter and leave work premises, watching me…
October 6, 2020

StreetHarassment: I am so tired

I am so tired of getting catcalled on and around state street. I live in the downtown area, and to get anywhere (campus. grocery store, etc.) I have to walk down or across state. Literally every time I go out I get harassed by men who hang out on the corners. The worst seems to be the state/w. gilman intersection. I also stopped walking to James Madison park any time…
Civic Center
September 20, 2020

Street Harassment: I went out to…

I went out to my car late at night to go over to my boyfriends house. It was around midnight and I was parked in my driveway. I was sitting in my car for a minute picking music when a man knocked on my window and told me to roll it down. Without putting it down I asked how I could help him and he asked me if I lived…
Civic Center
September 20, 2020

Street Harassment: I was at the…

I was at the supermarket at self checkout when an older man walked up and tapped me on the shoulder and said something I didn’t hear at first. When I so nicely with a smile on my face asked what he said and he responded with “I loooveee blondes” and side stepped to check me out I hated that I was so nice to him. I told him to get…
September 18, 2020

Street Harassment: I was walking along

I was walking along an open street in broad daylight and I walked past these two (about 35-40 year old) guys loading construction materials into their white van. As I (18) walked past them, they simultaneously stared at me dead in the eye and both had really strange smiles - I was terrified. I began to walk faster until a few seconds later one of them started shouting after me…
September 16, 2020

Workplace Harassment: At a company I

At a company I used to work for we would hire a receptionist and move them back to the floor as an admin when something opened up. We had a woman who was in charge of training the receptionist whom I know was very racist. So I was not shocked when we had two non-white receptionist that did not get hired on as admins even though they actually had experience.…
Downtown Los Angeles
September 14, 2020

Street Harassment: Today a man took

Today a man took a picture of me when I was in line for a gas station bathroom. I knew what he was doing and moved away and he pointed his phone camera toward me as I moved. Luckily my dad walked up. Not 10 minutes later 3 men showed up across the street where me and my younger sister had gone to eat and stared at us. I held…
September 13, 2020

Street Harassment: There

There's a couple of teenage boys who regularly shout"saggy tits" at me whenever I walk past. I have told them that it's inappropriate and that I could report them for sexual harassment. I feel self conscious and embarrassed. I dread walking past them but they hang around near where I live. I want people to know that it's not okay to make people feel inferior and self conscious.
August 31, 2020

Street Harassment: I was walking on

I was walking on a busy street in the small rural town where I live. A car passed by me, stopped, turned around in the parking lot, and came back so someone in the car could whistle loudly at me. I felt annoyed, and I was anxious about what I would do if they came back, because I was turning onto a less busy side street. I want people to…
August 27, 2020

Workplace Harassment: For two years I

For two years I have been verbally abused by the CEO of our company. She has thrown things at me (and missed). Speaks down to me in front of others. Co workers would see it, but not say anything. Then they would come to me after a "situation" and say, "why are you still here? Why do you take that? If she spoke to me the way she talks to…
August 11, 2020

Street Harassment: Today afternoon I was

Today afternoon I was out in the city center with a friend of mine, and after countless catcalls, I lost my patience. This guy pulled over and said something like “hey sexy” or something similar (I can’t and don’t want to remember it) and without hesitation, I pulled out my middle finger. Mistake number one. He then proceeded to yell “I’ll stick that finger up your a**”, and I felt…
Charing Cross
August 11, 2020

Street Harassment: I’ve been harassed too

I’ve been harassed too many times to count now and I’m 21. I’ve had men grab me and not let me go until I kiss them. I’ve been groped at a concert. I’ve been assaulted and told that it was because of my breasts and that he couldn’t help himself, which obviously made me feel like it was my fault. I’ve been catcalled countless times and I always thought I…
August 11, 2020

Street Harassment: Twice now, two different

Twice now, two different men have stopped me in my local park to tell me I’m beautiful and try to ask me what I’m doing at the moment. Whilst I appreciate it’s meant to be a “compliment”, it makes me feel so watched and unsafe, especially as the park was quiet at both times and so I was very isolated. Both times I ended up feeling scared. Because it wasn’t…
July 27, 2020

Street Harassment: I was told to

I was told to keep it to myself. It's been a month but I'm not over it. So been looking who I could talk to about it. Hope it's okay to share it here: I was a late bloomer and didn't realize someone could see me in a sexual way till I was 20. But even then there were always nice people who'd look out for me so didn't have…