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Charing Cross
August 11, 2020

Street Harassment: I’ve been harassed too

I’ve been harassed too many times to count now and I’m 21. I’ve had men grab me and not let me go until I kiss them. I’ve been groped at a concert. I’ve been assaulted and told that it was because of my breasts and that he couldn’t help himself, which obviously made me feel like it was my fault. I’ve been catcalled countless times and I always thought I…
July 27, 2020

Street Harassment: I was told to

I was told to keep it to myself. It's been a month but I'm not over it. So been looking who I could talk to about it. Hope it's okay to share it here: I was a late bloomer and didn't realize someone could see me in a sexual way till I was 20. But even then there were always nice people who'd look out for me so didn't have…
July 27, 2020

Street Harassment: It’s 1:15 minutes after

It’s 1:15 minutes after the post office closes, broad daylight, on a Saturday. I’m going to brunch with friends after I drop off a package so I had a nice dress shawl on. There’s three or four other people in front of me at the Kiosk. I made sure when I got there that there were other people around. it’s my turn finally so I start entering the shipping details.…
July 26, 2020

Street Harassment: I went shopping with

I went shopping with a friend. It was a hot summer day and I was wearing pretty revealing clothes. When we passed in front of some guys, one of them catcalled and another said "aw man, the brunette one's hot" I was the one they were talking about. I really wanted to punch them in the face at that time. Only, my friend thought that what they said was a…
July 22, 2020

Street Harassment: It was 1a.m

It was 1a.m. I was returning home on the last suburban train, I was alone in an entire carriage. Suddenly I heard the door opening behind me. I turn around, I see a man, I pay no attention to him and turn back. 10 seconds later I feel a hand touching my head and brushing my hair. I freeze. This man calls me “beauty”. All I can do is murmur…
July 20, 2020

Street Harassment: I was on a…

I was on a girls trip with five others and we were at a bar watching a fun concert. There was really no social distancing going on at the time but there was a lot of drinking with everyone around. Everyone was as close as you would expect at a concert. Everyone singing with the band and dancing to the music. Then I felt a hand go up my right…
New York
July 19, 2020

Street Harassment: There was a man

There was a man experiencing homelessness that was sitting on the street and he was flashing and touching his penis while facing me. It was shocking and frustrating and disgusting. I didn't want to make a scene because I was with my parents (I am a minor).
Five Points
July 19, 2020

Street Harassment: I

I've been harassed on the street more times than I can remember, and usually I just ignore it and try to move on, even though I go into fight or flight mode. But this one time, I was walking at night to a restaurant after class, and a man stopped me to say, "you look like you want to be raped". I turned around to face him and tell him…
July 10, 2020

Street Harassment: I was walking with

I was walking with my cousin. And it was a pretty dark, but there were lots of street lights. A car stopped by us and at first they told us how we shouldn’t be walking. Then proceeded to throw stuff (eggs ?) and laugh at us. To let you know, we are just teenage kids who were minding our own business. We weren’t that scared to walk at that time…
July 8, 2020

Street Harassment: I identify as Asian

I identify as Asian, queer female with disabilities. I have PTSD from past trauma of being racially bullied and physically assaulted throughout grade school and during college. As an adult racial harassment continues regardless of Covid19. Approximately 4 years ago, I went to Seaside, Oregon for the weekend with my boyfriend at the time, who's white. I am sharing my experience because it's still worth telling. We went to Beach n Brew bar…
July 7, 2020

Street Harassment: This was a long

This was a long time ago but it felt scary. While I was walking home during the day one summer, a guy in a convertible started following me. He even turned the car around several times to do so. There was no safe place to duck into and I was getting more and more frightened. Finally, I started shouting/singing at the top of my lungs, "Jingle Bells." It had the…
July 6, 2020

Street Harassment: I hate walking home

I hate walking home now. I used to enjoy it for the exercise but recently I've had a few occurrences of being catcalled. The first the guy was walking on the same side walk and said "damn girl, how do you fit all that ass inside them jeans?" I just ignored it and kept walking, thankfully nothing else happened. The other time today I was walking home from the dentist,…
June 28, 2020

Street Harassment: It was a beautiful

It was a beautiful evening at the beginning of summer two years ago when I was studying in Clermont. That evening I had a date with my boyfriend and as every time I went to his place, I had to take the tram for about 40 minutes. It was very hot outside and I made myself beautiful to go and see him. I've always been the kind of girl who…
June 28, 2020

Street Harassment: J

J'étais dans le train, pour rentrer chez moi. Le train était plein comme souvent, et tout se passait bien, je regardais le paysage défiler, jusqu'à se que je sente une pression sur mes fesses. Au début je n'ai même pas tilté, mais j'ai vu son reflet dans la vitre, un grand moche au regard carrément pervers collé derrière moi. J'ai même cru sentir sa main frôler la mienne.Je n'ai pas…
June 24, 2020

Street Harassment: I always felt like

I always felt like my experience wasn't valid because there was no inappropriate touching, and people told me I was exaggerating. No one believed me. I still haven't told my parents to this day, and to this day I'm scared to say his name. When I was 18 years old, I was living in Armenia doing an internship program. I had hope that my experience in the house would be…