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Hollaback! provides confidential coaching and training to political candidates, legislators, and their staff. Our team understands exactly what you need to shape your anti-harassment policies, train your staff, and manage meaningful responses to harassment in the office and in the public eye. 



Over the past two years, Hollaback! has trained over 10,000 people in how to respond to harassment — and worked with organizations both domestically and internationally. Our holistic offerings bolster your organizational culture.


  • Prevention and Response Planning. We’ll review your current policies and procedures and ensure that they are in line with best practices to set your office up for success. In the event that sexual harassment occurs on your team, we’ll ensure that your team is trained to do an investigation and if the harassment becomes public — offer a meaningful public response.


  • Annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training [pdf]. We’ll provide your team with a robust, interactive sexual harassment training that is compliant with state, city, and federal laws. Our training defines harassment and offers resources in the event that sexual harassment occurs on your team. We’ll ensure that everyone understands complaint filing and retaliation, and we will return each year to train new hires. Not sure if sexual harassment training is required in your state? Click here to see the laws across the US.


  • Training for Employees. We’ll provide your staff, consultants, and interns a robust, interactive sexual harassment training that is customized to the unique challenges that political campaigns and offices face — including an exploration of online harassment and power dynamics.


  • Policy Development. We’ll support your team in developing meaningful policy solutions to sexual harassment so that you can make addressing sexual harassment a core part of your platform.


“Most political candidates have the best of intentions when it comes to preventing sexual harassment on their teams — but with so much pressure and so little time — candidates often default to crossing their fingers and hoping everyone will “do the right thing.” That strategy never works. How do we build a campaign culture that lives and breathes our values? How do our teams become authentic ambassadors of what we want to create in the world? I’m interested in guiding us to walk the walk, aligning intentions with actions.”

Prior to running Hollaback!, our Executive Director Emily May worked on four political campaigns, bolstered by her Master’s Degree in Social Policy from the London School of Economics. Hollaback! has grown from one woman’s expertise to a thriving operation with an excellent team of bystander intervention trainers, problem solvers, and movement leaders. We are deeply passionate about shifting the culture of harassment through legal policy, shaping harassment-free work environments, and strengthening interpersonal relationships inside and outside of the workplace. 



“While there are many ways [our organization] can try to prevent and combat harassment, equipping our managers and employees with actual tactics to intervene when they witness harassment is perhaps even more powerful. And an added bonus is that this extends beyond the workplace.”


“I found Hollaback! to be so incredibly flexible to work with.  They took the time to understand our culture, our needs, and how their training would fit into the bigger picture. Their training isn’t just ‘plug and play’ – it really reflects the company they’re working with.”


“Hollaback! helped us run a very successful human-centered design workshop to address challenges around the ongoing harassment of [our employees]. With their help, we were able to develop a program that focuses on creating a resilient workforce coupled with proactive support measures for our staff. I am very confident in their depth of knowledge and practice as they help us forge new best practices for this complex issue.”

This information is also available in our pdf version.

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