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Holla How-To Guides

Need help planning an event or coming up with creative advocacy ideas? Hollaback! is all about using a diversity of tactics to keep our movement moving.

Host a Panel Discussion: Hosting a panel discussion is a great way to get people talking about street harassment. In a panel discussion, the audience will hear the unique perspectives each panelist has to contribute.

Organize a Flash Mob [pdf]: A flash mob is a strategic way to bring awareness to street harassment. Holding a public demonstration helps reach new supporters, dialogue with the general public, and bring attention to street harassment.

Lead a Community Safety Audit [pdf version]: A community safety audit is a way to create safer cities and communities. A safety audit can be used as a tool to bring attention to violence against women in public spaces. In a safety audit, individuals come together to walk through a physical environment, evaluate how safe it feels to them, identify ways to make the space safer, and organize to bring about those changes.

Create a Survey for Research: Surveys are great ways to collect data on street harassment and other related issues. Once you have created the survey and calculated the statistics, you can use these results to create a research report or summary. This information can then be shared with supporters of your organization and individuals interested in the research topic.

Create Mud Stencils: Mud stenciling is a fun and safe way to bring awareness to street harassment. Mud stenciling allows you to create stencils of drawings or quotes that can be displayed on sidewalks or walls in public spaces.

Hold a Chalk Walk: Chalk Walks are a quick and easy way to reclaim space and bring awareness to street harassment in your community.

Create a Guerrilla-Style Video about Street Harassment: Street harassment happens way more than the stories submitted to the Hollaback sites let on, so how do we encourage more people to share their experiences? Get out there on the streets and do mini-interviews with women, LGBTQ folks, and male allies about their experiences with street harassment! Here are some tips to create a YouTube-ready video that will increase awareness about street harassment by elevating the voices of the people who experience it, and those that want to help!

Organize a Protest or March: A march or a protest is a strategic way to address and bring awareness to street harassment and other related issues. Holding a public demonstration helps educate the public about these issues and allows the opinions of your supporters to be heard.

Initiate Legislative Advocacy: You can create change around an issue through legislative advocacy. When you conduct legislative advocacy, your goal is to work with government officials who can publicize the mission of your organization and partner with you on upcoming projects.

Host a Hollaback!tail Party: A Hollaback! cocktail party is a fun way to fundraise and bring awareness to street harassment by inviting supporters, other organizations, and legislators to enjoy an evening of music and games.

Hold a Hollaback! Workshop: Hosting anti-street harassment workshops are fun ways to spark discussions about street harassment. Hollaback! workshops provide interactive opportunities for people to share their experiences, thoughts, and opinions on street harassment. Workshops can be held at schools, youth groups, community groups, campus groups, residence halls and many other places. Start your workshop by explaining what street harassment is and what Hollaback! does. During your workshop you can be creative and come up with various anti-street harassment activities.

Host a Film Screening: Hosting a film screening is one way to draw attention to street harassment and to encourage thought and discussion. Invite other organizations and community members to watch the film and then have an open discussion about how the film relates to issues you’re concerned about.

Host a Benefit Show: A Hollaback! benefit show is a great way to fundraise and bring awareness to street harassment. A performance by notable, empowering musicians will also help energize and inspire your community.

Throw a Party: Throwing a Hollaback! party is a great way of raising awareness about street harassment and getting people excited about our cause. Plus it’s an opportunity to fundraise.

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