Hollaback!’s newest publication: “#HarassmentIs: An exploration of identity and street harassment invites you to practice recognizing how people’s identities and oppressions overlap and how that can affect how they walk down the street.

As part of the launch we:

  • hosted a #harassmentis tweetup that yielded over 1,500 posts; highlights are on Storify
  • hosted a #harassmentis chalk walk in Washington Square Park with Hollaback! NYU

Read the full guide here:

Feel like reading offline?  Download and print the PDF here.

Expand the conversation online by submitting photos and vlogs to our “harassment-is” tumblr page. You can also:

  • Create an infographic around intersectionality and street harassment

  • Create a comic about intersectionality and street harassment

Expand the conversation in person:

  • Organize meetups to discuss intersectionality and street harassment in your community

  • Get involved with a Hollaback! Chapter in your city.

  • Partner with community and identity specific organizations and support their work!

  • Organize a #harassmentis chalk walk!

Have any great ideas or projects on intersectionality and street harassment? We want to hear from you! Tag your stories on ihollaback.org with #harassmentis, join in our chalk walks, or send us an email at [email protected] The revolution begins with you.

We collect stories to raise awareness about
harassment. By sharing your testimony, you
change the way people understand this problem.
Remember you are not alone and we’ve got your back.

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