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Harassed at Age 13

I’m 13 years old and today i wore a new jumpsuit, which isn’t revealing, you can only see my shoulders. As I was walking to a friend of mine, there were 2 grown men, maybe 25 years old, who started saying hey to me, and screaming at me. I didn’t respond and walked as fast … Continued

A longer route home

This happened really long time ago,, when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was at a night market, and almost ready to walk home, when I ran into a neighbour that I used to hang out with, a boy couple years older than me. I was in grade 5 or 6, and … Continued

Hallway harassment

This group of guys from school always harass me in the halls saying things like “hey babe” “come here sexy” and sometimes even try to grab me or put their arms around me and then they just laugh. I know the teachers won’t care because one time I was walking through the halls trying to … Continued

“It makes me sad that young girls are still having to cope with this… I thought things might have improved a bit from when I was in grade school.”

First off, I really like the idea of this website…it’s hard, I think, for girls or women to verbalize these incidents, especially if it’s the first time you have been subjected to such harassment. I’m now a grown woman, aged 24, and have had my share of sexual harassment in life. Let me relate a … Continued

Constantly Harassed on the Street and at School

I’m 15 and am always being street harassed. Part of the time it’s at school. I have been assualted and verbally harassed. It doesn’t make me feel better. I gave into it before and let boys do what they wanted. But I got to much attention for my ass and things got way to out … Continued