Category: Verbal

Yael’s Story: Standing ground against harassment

For the past two days, construction workers have been refurbishing the facade of a hotel that I pass on the way to my bus stop. Each time I have passed the building, both going and coming home from school and work, I have been whistled at and cat-called by the workers. I looked up the … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Witnessed harassment

A man was insisting/commanding that a woman tell him her name, calling her Shorty, while she was waiting at a crosswalk. This was the first time I’ve ever witnessed street harassment that I can remember. As someone, myself an androgynous male, who’s been harassed/abused/stalked I wanted to help this person but felt confused and scared. … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Holla’ed at on a run

White NYC van parked at morning side park on the running loop by the gates near the basketball court – man and woman in the van with man yelling out “hey sexy” and other things with each lap made. Def city employees. Time 755 pm today. [got_back]


I was sitting at a traffic light in my car on my way to the school to drop off my young daughter. A young adult male leaned out his driver side window and literally howled at me. I did nothing to spur this, and nothing in response to this. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Bonsoir”

“Bonsoir” appuyés et poisseux, avenue de Lyon à Toulouse. Oui, je vous ai vus, non, je n’ai pas envie de vous saluer. Comme si slalomer entre la viande saoule n’était pas suffisamment pénible. Bande de chacals ! [got_back]

lo’s Story: Inescapable Idiots

I walked through a group of 30 year old men, and when they said hello, i returned the greeting, and immediately after i did a different man began shouting “you got some nice titties” over and over until his friend chimed in “and a real nice ass” [got_back]

Megan’s Story: Non-stop harassment

walking to the supermarket (15 minutes) in thick tights and a jumper. a man went ‘mmm’ as i walked past him, a van full of men and a car full of men both gawked at me and turned to stare at me, a car full of boys yelled at me, and a man in a … Continued

Jen’s Story: Offers for rides

About 1PM I got off the bus and began to walk home with my groceries. A car with at least 2 men slowed down, and yelled that they wanted to give me a ride. I avoided eye contact, and waived them off. Offers for rides are especially upsetting, because of the implied threat: that they … Continued

Jen’s Story: “I hate these situations”

About 9AM, I crossed the street as two men crossed in the opposite direction. As they passed, I avoided eye contact. One said “good morning, sister,” and I ignored it. He said hello again. When he realized that I was not going to respond, he yelled a veiled threat: “Don’t trip on the curb.” I … Continued