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“I was catcalled, sexualized and humiliated several times”

I normally don’t wear crop tops but today I felt a bit confident and in less than an hour I was catcalled, sexualized and humiliated several times. My self esteem dropped every time. I began feeling more and more self conscious. Naturally, I called my friend so I wouldn’t get noticed as much but that … Continued

I regret being so polite

I was walking home from the subway and a man was walking toward me, carrying two duffle bags, one on each shoulder. We were walking straight towards each other. I moved a little to my right to get out of his way but he didn’t move at all and one of his bags hit me … Continued

scary, unsettling, upsetting, and demeaning

I stepped out of my office for a quick break just now and while I crossed the street in the crosswalk, a man running a light on a bike cut me off super super close, leaned in to my face and leered “maaaammiiiii” while making skeevy eye contact. It was startling and frustrating, especially because … Continued

Public Harassment & Failed Bystander Intervention

At the Yellowstone Art Museum. A guy about 5’11” with collar length hair, skull on his black tshirt, heavier build and a skinny guy with red hair and beard in a white tank top and their other male friend chased me into the parking lot yelling that they wanted to “fuck my pussy until it … Continued

angry, upset, frustrated

I was waling through Bristol Harbourside, England – popular part of the city, bars, restaurants, cafes, museums, etc.. – on my way to a meeting and a white woman shouted “oi you black cunt!” As she approached and then walked past me. I was actually stunned – to stunned to at first react. The moment … Continued

don’t you understand patriarchy?

I was waiting for the bus today when this guy pulled up his car and mumbled something I did not hear, but understood well, like probably any woman who walks on the street. I ignored him, so he said it louder. Suffice to say that it had to do with his cock, of which he … Continued


I never thought I’d experience this kind of harassment. I was walking on 34th and this guy riding his bike towards me stopped short right in front me. “Damn, you’re mad cute! You’re looking real good today!” I kept walking, hoping to pass him and he got on his bike, turned around and was riding … Continued