Category: Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Champs Eysees at night

Was leaving club at Champs Elysees at 2-30 am this spring. I was crossing road when guy came behind trying to make conversation, where i’m from etc. I ignored him, he continued annoying, i said loud that will call police if he not back off. He laughed and then put his hand on my shoulder … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “Sick of it”

Again on the bus through Rusholme, this time after a night out. I often get the bus home when I’m sober. A guy gets on and again chooses to sit opposite me on an empty bus, tries speaking to me which I ignore and get up to move seats. He grabs my behind so I … Continued

Em’s Story: “Feeling like I’m on display”

Yesterday I was standing outside of my residence hall talking on the phone, when a group of three guys started catcalling at me. I tried to ignore them but they wouldn’t stop, so I flipped them off. One of them just laughed at me, and they walked away. Later on, I realized that one of … Continued

Stephanie’s Story: Parking enforcement creeper

I almost got caught by the city parking enforcement for not switching my car over. I ran outside before he got out of the car and yelled that I was leaving soon, but just switched it over and went back in my apartment. When I was about to leave for good, the parking enforcement guy … Continued

Yael’s Story: Standing ground against harassment

For the past two days, construction workers have been refurbishing the facade of a hotel that I pass on the way to my bus stop. Each time I have passed the building, both going and coming home from school and work, I have been whistled at and cat-called by the workers. I looked up the … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Witnessed harassment

A man was insisting/commanding that a woman tell him her name, calling her Shorty, while she was waiting at a crosswalk. This was the first time I’ve ever witnessed street harassment that I can remember. As someone, myself an androgynous male, who’s been harassed/abused/stalked I wanted to help this person but felt confused and scared. … Continued