Category: Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Taking a run

The other day, I was taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and taking a run along my usual route. Three separate guys stared blatantly at my bare legs; one even saying “DAMN! Look at those thighs!” To his buddies. Ugh. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m not your dog”

I was walking down a street to my friend’s house when I noticed a white car moving slowly behind me. A couple blocks later, the car pulled up next to me and a bunch of guys stuck they’re heads out and yelled things like “Hey girly” and “Where you goin’ baby”, some of them whistled, … Continued

Ligeia’s Story: Creepers uninvited

I was walking into a grocery store near a Starbucks with my friend (we were later gonna have coffee at Starbucks with my voice teacher), and these two guys pass me by, give me the elevator eyes and said, “Hey girl! Where’s the party at?” I responded with, “In my pants, but you’re not invited.” … Continued

Claire’s Story: Walking with her father

When I was 15 I was walking out of a movie theater with my father when a group of three slightly drunk men who looked to be in their early/mid twenties approached my father and asked if he had a light. My father told them no and we began to walk away when one of … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I felt violated”

I want to hollaback! I was introduced to a guy by a friend back in highschool and from the first day I met him I did not like him. The first day I hung out with him he attempted to put his hand between my legs, to which I pushed him away. Unfortunately that was … Continued