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HOLLA ON THE GO: Rape is not a joke

I was walking home from a friends house alone on a Friday night at 1:40 am and I had to pass by two obviously intoxicated guys and one of the tells me I’m going to get raped and I shake my head and keep walking. He says it again so I say that’s not something … Continued

Paulien’s Story: “I felt forced to thank him”

So I didn’t want to share this story at first because I felt like I would be overreacting by calling this street harassment, but yeah… In september my first year at university started and during the week I live in an apartment in the city so I can just go to class by foot. Now, … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Out the truck window

I was walking to my car when a large pick-up truck starts following me and the driver yells out his window, ” I will lick your butthole if you suck my balls!” I couldn’t see his face through his car window so I there is no other way to describe him other than the fact … Continued