Category: Verbal

Daily Racial + Sexual Harassment

A man who often hangs around on my block (not sure if he actually lives on it somewhere) regularly calls me China doll as I walk by. I never react outwardly, but inwards I’m always fuming, and I can feel that my patience is steadily wearing thin and that I may snap back soon. I’m … Continued

humiliating and dehumanizing

I have had people covertly harass me in public, calling me crazy and commenting on me. None of this is done to my face. I don’t know how to respond other than asking them to please stop. I’m afraid to confront them because then I will look crazy. It feels humiliating and dehumanizing. I want … Continued

Mind your own damn business!

I was on the phone with my mom when a young guy on a bikes up behind me and starts saying stuff like, “Oh baby you’re so beautiful,” yadda yadda. I immediately yelled at him. “Can you leave me alone?! I’m on the phone! Mind your own damn business!” He laughed and said, “Ok im … Continued

8 months pregnant

I was 8 months pregnant and it was a very hot day, & I was feeling sick from the heat. I hailed a car on the street (local Brooklyn car company, not a taxi) so I could get in the AC and ride the rest of my way home. The cab driver started asking me … Continued

Daily catcallers

Group of men who hang outside a big white garage on the little cal de sac off of 10th started catcalling me and chasing me all the way to Godfrey. I ran all the way to work.

Intervening at a taco truck

I was hanging out outside a taco truck late one night. There were three of us, 2 cis-males and 1 cis-woman. Random guy approached our female friend and hollered at her with a “you’re lookin’ beautiful tonight.” My other male friend responded to him with a “you’re lookin beautiful too.” It was a small thing, … Continued

“Cat called… every night”

Cat called every night when I walk my dog half a block to the park. Makes me feel annoyed, embarrassed, sad, tired, afraid, and confused.