Category: Verbal

Sarah’s Story: Water Fountain Creeper

Today when I was at work I went down to the food court to get some water. I walked over to the drinking fountains to dump out my old water before I had it refilled, and as I was walking away, this man who was walking my way looked at me in a strange way … Continued

Veronica’s Story: Hot-headed Car Screamer

Today, I got verbally assaulted because of a car accident…I was the one at fault and I tried to take responsibility for it by switching information, however….the woman said she was going to call her husband because it was his car, ok…understandable…She said “oh no you don’t understand..he’s going to be mean to you” Then … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Car Creepers

Today I was going for a walk to get some exercise and two men in a car drove past me and yelled something to me. When I kept walking and ignored them, the driver honked at me. [got_back]

Marianne’s Story: Harassment also happens to older women

Harassment also happens to older women who walk. This has happened more than once in Rockville. I have been out walking because I do not drive and I choose not to take the bus. People driving by yell at me because I am walking (and wearing a hat). They yell “hey, I like your hat” … Continued