Category: Verbal

Brianna’s Story: Harassed and confronted

I was at a hotel on a family vacation. I was walking past one of their restaurants where all the windows and doors were open. As I walked past one of the windows a man got up from his seat stuck his head at the window, and yelled “you’re really pretty!” I ignored him. He … Continued

Luiza’s Story: Harassed by a cop

I live in Brazil, where street harassment is not only common, but any girl that answers back is seen as a stuck up b*tch. My latest experience with street harassment was when a cop screamed “hottie” at me. He was carrying a gun on his hands. I was too scared to complain and demand his … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “The street I live on”

Walking down THE STREET I LIVE ON only to have a man say to me in passing “Hey blondie, can I smell your pussy?” Not okay, not appropriate, and I’m not going to let it intimidate me. [got_back]

Hannah’s Story: “Smile”

Some time ago my sister and I entered a shoe store to look around. An employee came up to me and at first seemed friendly, even if a little invasive. At one point he told me to smile and said something along the lines of ‘We should get working’ and did a lewd little dance. … Continued

Evelyn’s Story: “I am so furious”

At around 22:45 on Wednesday, December 18th, I was walking from work to a restaurant that is open all night with free wifi with the intentions of finishing my last papers of the semester. It isn’t particularly cold out right now, but I expect it will be later, so I brought an incredibly large down … Continued