Category: Verbal

Samantha’s Story: Creeper at the grocery store

I just walked into a grocery store to get some grossly overpriced desserts. As I was walking towards the store, a dude pivoted on the street and followed me into the store. He was talking at me a million miles a minute asking me about myself and whether he could hug me and telling me … Continued

Sophie’s Story: Day long harassment

I was walking to lectures at about 11am in the morning. I was wearing a pair of high waisted trousers with a long sleeved crop top, a leather jacket and a pair of wedge boots. I left the house feeling confident and really liking my outfit that day – I thought I looked classy and … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m not an object”

Walking by a construction site, a worker called out, “Hello… You don’t have to walk so fast all the time.” Worker 2: Why you don’t do your work? Other workers *laugh* Worker 1: Man he wants me do my work, then HE carries her home. All workers: *uproarious laughter* Me: I’m not an object and … Continued

Clara’s Story: Harassing me via my children

Twice in two days now. On the bus, with my three young (under 10) daughters. My middlest is chatting to the bus driver. The bus driver says ‘you’re really cute, but not as cute as your Mummy’. On my way to the museum with the girls this morning, an older bloke leers over the bus … Continued