Category: Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Drive-by Harassment

My sister and I were walking to the store when some man in a pickup truck yelled at us “I want to eat your pussy” and wouldn’t stop when I yelled at him. [got_back]

Alison’s Story: Motorcycle Creeper

I was taking an hour-long walk and enjoying the long overdue sunshine. It was a really zen and beautiful moment for me. I got close to a hawk that was on a low branch on my college campus and thought about how much I love animals because they generally don’t bother people. I’d been honked … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: 7Eleven Creeps

I was walking out of 7eleven when a male behind me said to his friend “I like that butt!” Several times, loud enough so I could hear until I gave eye contact. I got in my car but he kept staring and then finally got into his car. I wrote down his license plate but … Continued

Sage’s Story: “Would she talk to a man in the same way?”

I’m new to Cincinnati, and I wanted to explore downtown because I heard so many good things about it. I ignored the expected “hey baby’s” and even the comment on my brown opaque stockings (WTF?). As I walked by the downtown bus exchange, a woman (older than me) made a comment like “look at you … Continued

Sarah’s Story: Water Fountain Creeper

Today when I was at work I went down to the food court to get some water. I walked over to the drinking fountains to dump out my old water before I had it refilled, and as I was walking away, this man who was walking my way looked at me in a strange way … Continued

Veronica’s Story: Hot-headed Car Screamer

Today, I got verbally assaulted because of a car accident…I was the one at fault and I tried to take responsibility for it by switching information, however….the woman said she was going to call her husband because it was his car, ok…understandable…She said “oh no you don’t understand..he’s going to be mean to you” Then … Continued