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Marianne’s Story: Harassment also happens to older women

Harassment also happens to older women who walk. This has happened more than once in Rockville. I have been out walking because I do not drive and I choose not to take the bus. People driving by yell at me because I am walking (and wearing a hat). They yell “hey, I like your hat” … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Not an “it”

I was with a group of friends and this girl referred to my other friend using “it”. It turned out this friend might be trans and the friend knew that when she said what she said. [got_back]

Allie’s Story: Sitting with supportive bystanders

Walking during the day to go have lunch with my sister I noticed a group of men following me yelling at me in another language. I understood and translated that they were harassing me. They followed me for a few blocks. I started walking faster. I then found two older college aged girls sitting on … Continued