Category: Verbal

Rachel’s Story: Standing Up for Myself

I was walking out of my office building to join a friend for lunch. There’s a nice patio area outside the entrance to the building, and I was crossing it to reach the sidewalk. I was wearing a pretty outfit, and it was sunny and nice outside. An older man was standing a few feet … Continued

Laronda’s Story: Not Your Baby

I was walking home from Yogurt Jungle on Main Street when a car on the other side of the street pulls a U-turn and pulls up next to me. Dude looking like Hulk Hogan rolls down his window and leans over into passenger seat “Need a ride baby girl?” I pretended I didn’t hear him and … Continued


I was walking down chancellors walk late in the evening after picking up subway and a guy, surrounded by his friends, yelled “I’d like to give you my footlong!” [got_back]

Antoine’s Story: Creeps in the early morning

Last week in the early morning, as I’m walking in the street, two men were passing by on the opposite pavement. One of them asked me “Hey cousin, do you have any lighter?” I just answered that I did not when this one started to insult my mum and cross the road nervously to beat me up! … Continued

Kelly’s Story: “Enough is enough”

I was walking back to my office from the deli after picking up my lunch when some cretin walked by me in the opposite direction, leered and me and yelled, “Me love you long time.” (Obviously a racist and sexually harassing comment which also indicates that he watches way too much pornography objectifying Asian women). … Continued