Category: Verbal

Harassed While Driving

I was cat called while driving in my car. There was a young guy texting while at a stop light, I had thought I heard him say something about me, but wasn’t sure? As I was driving away he whistled at me. I glared at him, and gave him the finger, and he laughed at … Continued

Harassed at Age 13

I’m 13 years old and today i wore a new jumpsuit, which isn’t revealing, you can only see my shoulders. As I was walking to a friend of mine, there were 2 grown men, maybe 25 years old, who started saying hey to me, and screaming at me. I didn’t respond and walked as fast … Continued

Daily Harassment While Exercising

I go exercising every day in the early morning. Without fail, a man will whistle or make remarks that make me feel uncomfortable and threatened. My exercise routine is really working for me otherwise, but it’s becoming harder for me to enjoy it because I know uncomfortable experiences will happen.

Called a bitch in the courtyard

Obviously a GSU student wanted to take his anger out on me so while walking to class (in a cute dress, feeling self conscious and finally getting the nerve to walk to my class in my dress) this guy out of nowhere in front of the fountains yells “Nice dress!” And so I respond with … Continued

Driveway harassment

I pulled into my driveway and got out of the car after purchasing groceries today and was cat called by a man working for a lawn company at my neighbors home across the street. He cat whistled then waved at me.  

Harassed AFTER a bike accident

I was riding my bike in South Williamsburg when a car pulled out in front of me without looking and I hit the side of his car. The driver of the car sped off, without even checking if I was okay, but I just had a few bruises and scrapes and was physically fine. I … Continued