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HOLLA ON THE GO: Not a dog!

Always when guys whistle at me or call out stuff such as “babygirl” etc, I never ever look at them, especially not the whistles. I’m not a fucking dog. [got_back]

Hannah’s Story: A Tale of 2 Weeks of Harassment.

I was on holiday in NYC for 2 weeks- here are some incidents I dealt with during that time. -I walked past a guy, and he made that “psssst” sound, three times as I was walking past. I ignored him, naturally, and carried on walking, while grimacing. -A lot of “HEY!”/”Oh, beautiful”/”mm sexy”/”GOD DAMN” comments … Continued

Stacy’s Story: Telling off harassers!

I am surprised that there isn’t any Hollaback in my city. Multiple times I have come across men being disgusting either to me or to another woman and I always say something. This particular incident was when I was leaving work, when we leave we leave through a back alley, across the alley is the … Continued