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Harassed on Campus: “Sadly, this happens all the time”

Just 30 minutes ago, I was walking back to my apartment from a tailgate. It’s a 90 degree football Saturday at my university and the residential streets are packed with people spilling onto the sidewalks. My boyfriend offered to drive me back, because of the heat, but I declined since it’s a just a short … Continued

Threatened After Rejecting Harassment

When this guy tried to talk to me I told him I didn’t talk to people I didn’t know. Then he got very angry, told me I had a bad attitude and threatened to have me beat up.

“Not Your Baby”

Random dude: Spare change, baby? 1 minute later: Different random dude: (Steps into my path and gets his face really close to my face.) Smile! Me: Fuck off. Him: I’ll fuck you, baby.

Harassed During Bike Ride

I was riding my bike on the street and passed by a bus stop with a couple of guys waiting for the bus. Out of the blue as I rode by, one of them shouted “CUNT” extremely loudly. I kept riding and counted myself lucky that he only shouted the one thing and didn’t keep … Continued

Train Harassment… and Bystander Failures

some drunk asshole commented on all the “fine women” on the train. Then said “You can’t do that….what a beautiful view” when I turned around. On a train full of people NO ONE said anything to this freak. I was so upset I got off the train. I should have told him off. And told … Continued