Category: Verbal

Hannah’s Story: A Tale of 2 Weeks of Harassment.

I was on holiday in NYC for 2 weeks- here are some incidents I dealt with during that time. -I walked past a guy, and he made that “psssst” sound, three times as I was walking past. I ignored him, naturally, and carried on walking, while grimacing. -A lot of “HEY!”/”Oh, beautiful”/”mm sexy”/”GOD DAMN” comments … Continued

Stacy’s Story: Telling off harassers!

I am surprised that there isn’t any Hollaback in my city. Multiple times I have come across men being disgusting either to me or to another woman and I always say something. This particular incident was when I was leaving work, when we leave we leave through a back alley, across the alley is the … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: “It felt good to shout back”

I was walking down the street when a car drove by with two men in it who thought it necessary to scream at us. They didn’t scream anything in particular, just trying to make noise to startle us or something? Regardless of their intentions, my gut reaction was to loudly screech back at them. Even … Continued