Category: Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Groped in passing

As I’m walking through an underground tunnel I see 2 men walking towards me. One of them reaches out towards my boobs and says “iedod pupu pačamdīt” (meaning let me feel your tits), sneers and walks on. [got_back]

Shana’s Story: “I should not have to hide…”

I am not a native Oregonian and most locals are surprised to hear me say that I am excited for the dreary wet winters. Its true that I do enjoy the rainy weather, but the weather comes with an added bonus: the park where I walk my dog multiple times a day is finally deserted … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed from a car

I was at my lunch break from work (where I was employed at the time ) , and I was in a busy section next to the El Torito and Nordstrom Rack so people were walking by . A car pulls up in front of me the guy (looked mid twenties) said “Hey how are … Continued

Lesley’s Story: advice

In numerous occasions when men would stare and say harassing things, I found it most effective to look them in the eyes and say Ina clear, strong voice: “Didn’t your mama teach you not to stare?” This works! [got_back]

Marissa’s Story: Harassed in school hallways

It was last year, my sophomore year of high school and I was 15. Class was in session and I was in my art class. I walked out during some free time I had in class and went to go ask another teacher a question. Like I said class was in session so there really … Continued

Betty’s Story: Flashback to 25 years ago

This incident is over 25 years ago but it is still is relevant today. Since I was 12, catcalling by random men was daily fact of life. I remember feeling so frightened and confused by the comments made. Over time, you keep your head down, make no eye contact and learn to ignore it. Then, … Continued

S. MDM’s Story: “I just wanted to go to dinner”

I was walking up a semi-suburban/retail area, in the early evening, on my way to meet my parents for a dinner out. I was just dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt and passed by a group of men hanging out in front of an apartment complex. I walked by, hood up, and one of them … Continued