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“I saw it coming”: Routine Harassment & Bystander Fails

This was one of those situations where you see the group of guys walking down the street toward you, and you know harassment is coming. They passed a couple walking by, heckled them a little, and then as they passed me, I got “the faces”- the lip-licking, eye-you-up-and-down faces with no regard to the fact … Continued

Harassed 3 Times in One Day

Three times yesterday I was yelled at and leered at while wearing all black with most of my body covered from head to toe because it’s freezing out. Right down to a hat and a large pair of shades covered a large part of my face. The only part of my skin showing was the … Continued

“It makes me sad that young girls are still having to cope with this… I thought things might have improved a bit from when I was in grade school.”

First off, I really like the idea of this website…it’s hard, I think, for girls or women to verbalize these incidents, especially if it’s the first time you have been subjected to such harassment. I’m now a grown woman, aged 24, and have had my share of sexual harassment in life. Let me relate a … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed in Times Square

I was in Times Square after seeing a Broadway show and this group of guys walked by and all used provocative language and disgusting “flirting”. I’m very much underage and I’m not originally from here but visiting family. Where I live the guys are harmless and when I get nervous or someone catches me off … Continued

Homophobic Harassment in South Beach

Just another day, just another harassment. This time in a grocery store in south beach Miami. Sunday night, my partner walks in to buy milk for our breakfast the next day, I stay outside as I had a sore throat and the air conditioning was too cold. She is obsessed with oatmeal now so we … Continued

“We Were Blessed to Make it Back Home That Night”

I wanted to go to Walgreens to pick up some eyeliner. The weather was nice outside so me and my friend decided to take a walk up there mind you it was around 7 and it doesn’t get dark fast in the summer. Long story short we had a peaceful walk up there, with just … Continued

Harassed by Faux Taxi Driver

I had walked out of a bank with my mom and stood to rearrange our credentials/belongings. The traffic had momentarily stopped. An old man yelled from a car stopped in traffic. “Yo,yo,yo.” Within the corner of my eye I noticed him looking directly at me, his head outstretched from the window. He stared for about … Continued