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Walking back to work from lunch…

Walking back to work from lunch, a guy standing nearby said, “excuse me, miss. excuse me. Miss?! You dropped something. My JAW.” I flipped him the bird. He said “yeah, if you want me to, I will.” Still walking, I turned around and flipped him off with both hands and said, “F*** YOU.” He repeated … Continued

“he felt entitled to objectify me”

I was on my way home from the bus stop at about 9:30pm and I walked up beside this guy, he glanced at me so I said ‘Hi’ to make it less awkward, and he said something equivalent, and then a few moments later he said I was beautiful, I said thanks. Then he said … Continued

Asking for sexual favors

I was walking home during the day after school. It was very cold, so I was practically covered from head to two. I large group of men probably in their 40’s sat in some chairs on the sidewalk smoking and chatting. Whenever I walk alone, I walk with my headphones in even if I am … Continued

I pretended he was a shadow

I was walking my way home in a path where there were a lot of people. There was a group of guys walking the opposite direction. One intentionally walked towards me stopping to a halt and loudly said “HIIIIIII” while staring at me and never letting his gaze off until I walked pass him. I … Continued

“joder que tetas”

Tengo 14 años ,hace unas semanas quede con mi madre en un lado como iba tarde fui corriendo y oi a un señor mayor decir “joder que tetas”

Followed, Intimidated and Afraid

I am 19. I recently moved to a big city for college, having lived in a small-town my whole life. Today I was walking to school and while I was waiting to cross a road, a man approached me from behind and began speaking to me. It started with “Do you live here?’”. As I … Continued

Incessant Workplace Harassment

I was 27 and working in my first job after graduate school at a small, public health research company. We were so small that we had one office in a larger office building with other smaller companies occupying the other offices on the hall. I was usually in the office by myself and my back … Continued

Not a compliment

I’m 14 years old and today I was walking home from school. I was wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater. When I was close to my home I saw a man crossing the street. He came closer to me and said “Hi, wow! You’re so pretty” I started to walk faster … Continued