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Catcalled in front of my mom

A guy catcalled me in front of my mom. I told him to shut the fu** up and he yelled at me asking why I couldn’t take a compliment and threw a magazine at me. [got_back]

Four catcalls in a one block walk

Leaving woody’s I spent Tulsa and me and one other friend got four catcalls walking from the corner of woody’s to the parking lot behind McNellie’s. Three were in passing cars, one threatening to “fuck us hard,” and the fourth were other pedestrians. A walk of one block, both of us wearing jeans and hoodies, … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Unwanted Attention

After opening with “hey, are you afraid of Black guys?” I should’ve seen it coming – the man kept talking to me even after clear signals that I wasn’t interested. He opted to follow me across the Hopscotch bridge instead of going up North Capitol like which is where he said he was headed. He … Continued

Didn’t your mother teach you better?

I was crossing the street to my dorm building after an exam when some guys (most likely students) started yelling “huevos” at me and whistling at me like for a dog when I didn’t respond. I asked “Didn’t your mother teach you better?”, they asked “what?” then the light changed. By then I was across … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Too close

While I was walking up the street, men got really close to my face and told me I was “seriously beautiful” and I “look like a model”. I ignored them but they continued comments until I was out of earshot. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Are you married?

Two men approached me from across the street while I was walking. They followed me for half a block, commenting on my looks, and asking if I was married or had a boyfriend. I ignored them and they stopped as soon as I was near other pedestrians. [got_back]

Layla’s Story: Harassed on the bus

As someone who has been taking public transport / works as a cashier, and is in public a lot, I’ve dealt with cat calling and being bothered by strangers for awhile now. I get the usual honking, unsolicited compliments, long-winded conversations, begging for a phone number, and occasionally an ask for sexual favors. Yesterday though … Continued

Sarah’s Story: Harassed by my super

This morning it was very rainy and cold in NYC so I had my winter coat on with the hood up and buttoned and happened to see my superintendent of my apartment building walking towards me. I waved at him not realizing he didn’t recognize me all bundled up and he responded with, “Fuck yea, … Continued

Annie’s Story

I wish I could say the story I’m about to tell is my only ever experience of unwanted attention from men in the street. It’s not, by a long long way, but it’s by far the worst. Two weeks ago I was walking to my office when a white van pulled up alongside me and … Continued

Harassed for the first time

This happened to me today, as I was leaving the train station (like I do every day). I had been waiting in the station for a good 10 minutes with my friend, who was picked up before my mother got to the station to pick me up (I’m 16, I can’t drive). It’s a pretty … Continued