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Racist Harassment & Bystander FAILS

At my local library, there were two Hispanic women waiting to use the photocopier alongside several white men. An older white man had been using it for some time. This man first got angry that one of the women didn’t speak English and then yelled to the other woman from about eight or ten feet … Continued

Just trying to grab a coffee

I just wanted to cross the street to grab a coffee. Two guys pull up in their beat up car and make missing noises.”Help us out, baby.” I ignore them. They pound on the sides of the car. “C’mon help us out, baby!” They’re screaming. I walk away. If anyone saw/heard. Did they care? Is … Continued

“It makes me mad and sad”

It was a Friday night around 8pm i was coming back from mcdo with my food when 3 men in a car scream at me :” Give your phone number slut !” I was so mad and not even shocked because it’s not the first time . It’s not normal that I can’t go buy … Continued

Bystander Awareness

I was walking home when I lived in New York and saw a woman walking by who I assumed is a neighbor. I was minding my own business and I saw a guy staring at the woman, I heard him making kissing noises and making derogatory remarks. I wish I did more, but I couldn’t … Continued

Harassment before getting home

I was walking into my building this evening, around 8pm, and a man, who was walking at my right, who I didn’t even see, said: “What are you looking at Indian woman, you want me inside you, my big dick?”

“I’m tired.”

I’m 52 years old. I have white hair (we starting going gray as a teenager). I thought I would be able to walk down the street without being harassed for being “unattractive” but I was wrong. I was minding my own business. I’m tired.

“I wish I had stood up to them…”

After getting off a plane, one of the people waiting in line muttered “tramp” because I was wearing yoga pants as I passed by him. I tried to make myself think I misheard him, especially since I was embarrassed to confront him at the airport with other people around. Then later after I got off … Continued

“What’s wrong with these people?”

What I hate about going out to busy places such as the grocery store are the flirty stares, the sexual slurs, the whisperings, the scary smirks. They’re all like predators who just found a piece of meat, ready to attack. What’s wrong with these people? And oh, I’m wearing a plain shirt, jeans and shoes.

Verbal Harassment at Cosplay Convention

A little while back, I was at a nerd convention in cosplay. I was cosplaying Castiel, from Supernatural. Tan trenchcoat & a pencil skirt that went to my knee. Some dude shouted “You’re getting it in the ass tonight, girl!” I was fourteen years old. My dad & best friend were both with me. My … Continued