Category: Verbal

“It Made Me Sick to My Stomach”

I was walking over to the gas station beside my work to get a drink when a man came up beside me and started asking me a lot of personal questions, including his request for my phone number. I told him I only had a few minutes to get my drink and that I didn’t … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: It’s not a compliment

I was walking through the halls with a friend when a boy around my age made a gross comment. We walked past his group when he called out to me ‘hey, I like your mouth’. My friend and I just walked on but I was in disbelief. This kid has made comments before but usually … Continued

Harassed While Out Walking Dog

I was walking a dog down my street and this guy pulled up into his driveway. He got out and had some friends with him. He started whistling at me, and I just ignored him and didn’t even look. Is it weird that I felt uncomfortable about something as simple as whistling? I kept walking, … Continued

Bystander on the Train

It’s almost 10:00pm on the train platform at Temple University. This group of young guys–freshmen, probably–are hanging around on the platform. Suddenly a girl gets off a train by herself, and Blue Sweatshirt peels off from the group and starts following closely, trying to talk to her. It’s clear from her body language that she’s … Continued

Harassed Three Different Times While Walking Outside Today

Days like today make me want to move out of the city and live in solitude somewhere in the country where I don’t have to be harassed DAILY, sometimes within seconds of leaving my house. I was catcalled and verbally assaulted three times today! This Sunday is a gorgeous, sunny, breezy day in San Francisco. … Continued

Harassed While Biking

I cycle to work everyday. I have had to change my route recently because I can’t cope with the verbal and non-verbal abuse e.g. comments about my appearance and objectification towards me making comments about my body and bum for example. I am wearing lycra yes- and? Minding my own business in the cycle lane … Continued

Constantly Harassed on the Street and at School

I’m 15 and am always being street harassed. Part of the time it’s at school. I have been assualted and verbally harassed. It doesn’t make me feel better. I gave into it before and let boys do what they wanted. But I got to much attention for my ass and things got way to out … Continued