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Anon’s Story: “I was so shocked”

Walking on a footpath when 4WD came speeding down suburban street. I mouthed slowdown but he was going so fast it wasn’t really to him. I was just shocked at his speed. He sped on, then stopped, opened his window and called out: “you fucking slut!” Was a metallic 4WD. I should have got a … Continued

New to New York

I recently moved to New York from my native country and was trying to figure my way back to my apartment it was about 9 pm. Suddenly a man started walking beside me saying “hey beautiful wanna go somewhere. ” I tried to ignore him thinking that if I did he would get fed up … Continued

A Commute Full of Harassment

I was standing on the subway platform, minding my own business and I looked up to see some guy passing by, leering at me and looking me up and down. When I made eye contact, he thought I was ready to flirt with him and he cracked a smile and said ‘hellooo!’ Ugh, nope. THEN, … Continued

Lexy’s Story

I was walking to the 2 train to go visit a friend when a guy who walked pass me did a 180 and started following me. And by following, I mean was on top of me. His body was literally touching mine as I was walking, asking for my phone number and if I would … Continued

I just want to get groceries

A man snuck up behind me when I was putting some vegetables in my cart. He was probably in his 50s. Goes “You know how to make those taste real good, girly?” Very close to me and blocking my cart. I said, “What?” Trying to figure out what to say next. He repeated himself without … Continued

Catcalled in front of my mom

A guy catcalled me in front of my mom. I told him to shut the fu** up and he yelled at me asking why I couldn’t take a compliment and threw a magazine at me. [got_back]

Four catcalls in a one block walk

Leaving woody’s I spent Tulsa and me and one other friend got four catcalls walking from the corner of woody’s to the parking lot behind McNellie’s. Three were in passing cars, one threatening to “fuck us hard,” and the fourth were other pedestrians. A walk of one block, both of us wearing jeans and hoodies, … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Unwanted Attention

After opening with “hey, are you afraid of Black guys?” I should’ve seen it coming – the man kept talking to me even after clear signals that I wasn’t interested. He opted to follow me across the Hopscotch bridge instead of going up North Capitol like which is where he said he was headed. He … Continued

Didn’t your mother teach you better?

I was crossing the street to my dorm building after an exam when some guys (most likely students) started yelling “huevos” at me and whistling at me like for a dog when I didn’t respond. I asked “Didn’t your mother teach you better?”, they asked “what?” then the light changed. By then I was across … Continued