Category: Verbal

you know I would ravage you, right?

I had gone out for dinner and drinks with a friend, and after leaving to head home, i was standing on a corner waiting for my cab home. This guy comes up from out of nowhere, starts repeatedly saying how hot I am, forces me to shake his hand and introduces himself, asks for my … Continued

Ageism on the Bus

This guy was sitting across from myself and a man on the Rapid Ride D bus going down 3rd Ave. He kept leaning over to the man next to me and saying “You’re old. You’re ugly. You’re a coward.” Trying to pick a fight or something? I don’t know. He was visibly drunk or on … Continued

Nope! Not today!

I was on my way to a movie with friends. He said “Hey beautiful” to me as we passed each other in the crosswalk. He then stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, stared at me, and asked, “Where you going?” I said, “Fuck you!” and kept walking.

Didn’t Tell Him My Name

Him: Hey. Hi beautiful. What’s your name? Me: None of your damn business. Him: That’s pretty unique. (Walks away.) You dumb bitch! (Continues screaming expletives at me. I pull out my phone.) Him: Yeah call the police you dumb bitch!

his conversation is DISGUSTING

I was studying in a park a couple of months ago and this down and out guy sat next to me and rambled about how he’s been let down by women… Eventually asking if I’d be his woman? I told him I have a boyfriend and walked away. I bumped into the same guy today … Continued

Harassed while taking a walk

Today I was eating a banana while waiting for a crossing signal to change. A large group of boys surrounded me and one screamed in my face “deep throat it” followed by “take it all.” I was so shocked and taken aback I didn’t know how to respond. I also felt nervous, I am a … Continued

Impulsive and hard headed

So I have DDDs and a round butt and I m constantly getting negative attention, especially males older than 30, when I’m just wearing a t shirt and shorts (it’s so hot and humid). I never get to wear the outfits I want to wear because of the over sexualized image I portray when wearing … Continued

disgusted, angry, annoyed and unsafe

Today while walking my dog in my neighborhood, these two males stopped their car in front of me. They began to whistle and make kissing noises. I quickly grew angry and flicked them off. They laughed and stalled a bit before continuing on their way home. I feel disgusted, angry, annoyed and unsafe. I am … Continued

a hostile environment

Twice I have been verbally harassed regarding clothing. Each occassion the clothing was conservative. Today, as I left a supermaket, I heard a man yelling at me, I turned around and it was an elderly man very hostile not smiling at me who said, “Ma’am, you must absolutely wear more black clothing! It is imperative … Continued