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I pretended he was a shadow

I was walking my way home in a path where there were a lot of people. There was a group of guys walking the opposite direction. One intentionally walked towards me stopping to a halt and loudly said “HIIIIIII” while staring at me and never letting his gaze off until I walked pass him. I … Continued

“joder que tetas”

Tengo 14 años ,hace unas semanas quede con mi madre en un lado como iba tarde fui corriendo y oi a un señor mayor decir “joder que tetas”

Followed, Intimidated and Afraid

I am 19. I recently moved to a big city for college, having lived in a small-town my whole life. Today I was walking to school and while I was waiting to cross a road, a man approached me from behind and began speaking to me. It started with “Do you live here?’”. As I … Continued

Incessant Workplace Harassment

I was 27 and working in my first job after graduate school at a small, public health research company. We were so small that we had one office in a larger office building with other smaller companies occupying the other offices on the hall. I was usually in the office by myself and my back … Continued

Not a compliment

I’m 14 years old and today I was walking home from school. I was wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater. When I was close to my home I saw a man crossing the street. He came closer to me and said “Hi, wow! You’re so pretty” I started to walk faster … Continued

Même en ma présence

Avec mon amie nous allons faire une courses, main dans la main. Trottoir d’en face deux hommes marchent dans le sens inverse et traverse l’un d’eux regarde mon amie comme un morceaux de viande pendant qu’il traverse, super mon gars même pas discret , tu n’es pourtant pas un jeune premier…. imagine si je regarde … Continued

Verbal Harassment in Target

I was shopping in Target the other day & a man came up behind me & whispered menacingly “YOU’RE A BITCH” then walked away. A few feet away from me was a mom w her 2 young kids & he did the same thing to her. Then he hurried down the aisle & about half … Continued

Threatened by his presence

Most recently, I have been followed down the street by a man at night. He called me “Indian” and when I gave him the finger he said, “You should not have done that” and attempted to follow me home. Since then, I’ve seen him around in my neighborhood. He has licked his lips at me, … Continued

“Show us your Tits”

I was walking home from school last month cause I didn’t have a ride and it was a few miles away, about halfway there these guys in this huge ugly pick up truck pull up on the side of the road and start screaming show us your tits, I’ve never been more mortified or embarrassed … Continued

Body Shamed on Bike

I was riding my bike down a big shopping street (meant for pedestrians, but I figured I took up less space sitting on my bike just floating with the stream of people) as an older male (about 80 years old) “whispered” to his wife: “fede læs”. (In danish, it means something like “heavy load” or … Continued