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I often walk alone from my car to my house when I come home from work dressed in my nursing scrubs. There’s a man that sits in the corner of my neighborhood, who drinks beer all day who is intoxicated often and every time I walk by he says, in a slurred voice, “Hey nurse!” … Continued


  A man, about early 40’s or older made an MmmMmm! Comment at me when walking out of the metro platform at CWE station. I asked him what he said, and he began shouting at me “those shoes!! Those shoes!!” while looking angry at me. I had shin-high boots on because it was cold out. … Continued

Pagi ini sekitar jam 11 saya…

Pagi ini sekitar jam 11 saya akan berjalan ke sekolah saya. Posisi saat itu memang jalannya agak sepi tetapi masih banyak kendaraan yang berlalu lalang. Ketika saya mulai berjalan memang saat itu agak hujan tiba-tiba dari jauh ada satu orang pria bermantol yang berhenti di depan saya tetapi waktu itu saya hanya berpikir positif mungkin … Continued

‘Hey, pretty, where are you going?’

I was walking down the street in the evening around 8ish in Jakarta. I was walking from my house to the market nearby, less than 1 km. Someone gave me a catcalling saying ‘Hey, pretty, where are you going?’. I was wearing long jeans, Tshirt and thigh-length Jacket and a scarf over my neck. I … Continued

“It made me feel uncomfortable.”

I was walking down the street near an elementary school when a group of college-age guys drove past. One of them yelled at me from the car, “Hey sexy girl, want a Bratwurst?” and the others laughed before they all drove away. I don’t even know if this counts as cat calling, but it made … Continued