Category: Verbal

“the owner put his arm around my shoulders “

Englands Paper stationnery shop in Belsize Park, London. After showing me the product I was looking for, the owner put his arm around my shoulders saying “always keeping the customers satisfied” (pretty sure he was reaching for my waist). When asked the owner if he accepted card for payment , he told me “yes but … Continued

“I’m 14 and a few days ago”

I’m 14 and a few days ago I was walking around a shopping centre by myself. I passed this man who was probably in his 30’s and he said damnnnnn as I walked past. He then continued to follow me through the aisles of the shop saying things like ‘are you a virgin’ ‘you look … Continued

“In Hamilton Heights”

In Hamilton Heights, on west 142nd street between Broadway and Riverside, a woman called out ‘You ugly’ and then a couple of guys on the block, asked me if I was going to do anything about it. I’m a woman too and they wanted to see us to fight obviously. I grew up on tough … Continued

I was walking out of the train.

23.16pm. I was walking out of the train. I had a cigarette in my mouth. I walked to my bike to unlock it. I have two bags, the bike is falling over slowly, and the lock is very low down, right in the corner of a long line of bikes. I learn over the unlock … Continued

Mi novio y yo/ My boyfriend and I

mi novio y yo estabamos caminando por la calle y pasa una camioneta y eran seores y me empezaron a gritar enfrente de el ¡MAMASITA!¡MI AMOR! Yy otras cosas que realmente no quisiera recordar y lo peor fue que la gente de al rededor solo estaba mirandome My boyfriend and I were walking down the … Continued