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“Freshmen Catcalling”

Once while I lived at Helaman Halls, some guys were catcalling my friends and me from their car. They weren’t saying anything crude but it was still frightening. I think we often think of Provo as harassment-free. It’s not and that needs to be acknowledged.[got_back]

Boys bothering a girl on subway platform

It’s almost 10:00pm on the train platform at Temple University. This group of young guys–freshmen, probably–are hanging around on the platform. Suddenly a girl gets off a train by herself, and Blue Sweatshirt peels off from the group and starts following closely, trying to talk to her. It’s clear from her body language that she’s … Continued

Mary Ellen’s Story: Aggressive Attitude

Just now on campus, an older man came up behind me and said “I like how you walk” I turned around startled and he repeated “I like the way you are walking”. I muttered thanks under my breath, hoping he would walk away, but I guess he didn’t hear me because he said “say thank … Continued

Nikki’s Story: Followed to class

I live in one of my university dorms and was leaving for class in the middle of the day. Often, men, never women for some reason, hang around the corner by my building. Normally I don’t experience issues with the ones that are regularly there and have had some good conversations with them. One day … Continued