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I was at a hotel and had resolved to going to the pool. When i got there, a group of guys were at the pool. Among them, there were kids of all ages and families, and one girl who seemed to know them and hanging out with them. I got into the pool and started doing laps. … Continued


I’m just back home now after being insulted by a man at the tram station. He called me a whore and a bitch because of my outfit . I saw his disgust for my body in his eyes. There were around 10 people on the platform but they probably didn’t hear the situation because of their headphones … Continued


On my very first day of living in Sacramento, a man drove up behind me while I was pumping gas and kept yelling something inaudible at me. I ignored him for several minutes but he was persistent and started to get angry at me. So I turned around and pretended like I had no idea … Continued


On my daily walk to my parking garage after work, a man rode up behind me on a bicycle and kept calling out “hey pretty girl.” After ignoring his calls and continuing to walk on, he yelled “bitch” after me. Small words from a small man but I’m still uncomfortable. I just wanted to walk … Continued

Un hombre viejo quería llevarme a follar

Estaba sentada en un banco esperando a mi novio y un señor de unos 80 años se puso a hablar conmigo. Yo pensaba que era un viejete aburrido que solo quería mantener una conversación, al principio sobre los telefonos móviles, así que seguí hablandole. El señor se sentó en el banco en el que yo … Continued

Ante el aumento de su agresión grité

Eran las 12 pm y caminaba sola. Acaba de salir de mi casa para ir a la universidad. Un hombre que iba en bicicleta comenzó a seguirme. Primero se mantuvo uno o dos metros detrás de mí mientras me observaba, chiflaba. Después comenzó a avanzar a la par conmigo mientras me hablaba y me miraba … Continued