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As soon as I exited the tube station, a man wearing a hat said “Oh my god your gorgeous, do you know the area?” And began following me as I left the station. I was so scared I couldn’t really talk. He said he could “show me around”. Seeing that i didn’t want him knowing … Continued

Verbal Harassment

Bajé del camión y un albañil que estaba parado ahí me dijo “Hola, nena. Estás bien guapa, ¿eh?”

En la ruta 84

Me subí por la puerta trasera al camión, estaba parada y agarrada al tubo de dónde está la barra y un hombre de unos 30 y tantos puso su mano en mi entrepierna, yo se la quité y me moví de lugar. Él me siguió y se paró a lado de mí, y volvió a … Continued

Shouted from a car

Iba caminando cuando un hombre en una ford courier 2008 blanca conducía en sentido contrario a mí, se orilló a la acera en la que iba y dijo “¡Wow! Que nena tan bonita. Te invito a cenar”. Me alejé y condujo en reversa para preguntarme si aceptaba, seguí caminando.

Bystander Silence

I’m a 66 years old woman! Haven’t heard crap like this in a while. Two guys yell “hey, looking good, nice ass!) as I’m walking down a busy downtown street today. My first thought was “am I wearing something that would elicit this?” No, just jeans, a long shirt, and a jacket, not tight, not … Continued

Just Waiting for the Bus

I was waiting for the bus on my way to go meet up with some friends, standing at a bus stop not too far from my house. I can actually see the bus down the block from where I’m standing, when a man pulls up to the corner in a black Jeep and says “Yo, … Continued

“So many more stories”

I have been attacked, harrassed, on the street, at work, near family, near friends. So many times I can’t even count. By male Co workers, strangers, friends of family, bosses. A rapist tried to get in my car with a lie that he needed a ride to the hospital once. As young women, we are … Continued

Not a compliment

As I exited the gas station store after pre-paying, a man walked by and muttered at me sideways “He’s a lucky man …” in an admiring tone. It took me several seconds to realize he was talking to me, to process it was meant as a sort of compliment, that he meant someone was lucky … Continued

I think he was following me

I was walking toward the town center from home when this guy rounded the corner from behind a bush to tell me he thought my eyes were beautiful and that he saw me “over there” (gesturing back in the direction I’d come from) and just had to tell me. That put me on alert because … Continued