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Harassed by a “friend”

I became friends with my neighbor who is 30 years older than me. At first I thought he was nice but he would always sneak in some kind sexual comment and I kept thinking to myself I must be hearing him wrong. Then one-day he clearly told me he wanted me. I tried to tell … Continued

Acoso callejero

Cada martes, un poco antes de las 2 de la tarde, paso por este lugar hacia mi trabajo. A esa hora los obreros de varias construcciones al frente y muy cerca de mi lugar de trabajo, almuerzan sentados en la calle ocupando casi 2 cuadras de la calle traslaviƱa. No tengo otra opcion que pasar … Continued

Harassed for Body Hair

I get harassed when I go into public with my hairy legs and armpits. It’s makes me sad to see people being so hateful over something that shouldn’t even be relevant. It’s just HAIR!! Body hair is normal/natural/beautiful and it makes me feel comfortable within myself, and that is what it is about. Hair removal … Continued

I was 11

I was 11. In my middle school it had been cold, so I had these black fluffy pants that were tight (they did not feel tight), but I had my books, and a kid I knew since kindergarten yelled at me something like ooo or yummy like I was cake. I got home and ran … Continued

He Tried to Grab Me

I was around market just trying to go to my program where a guy kept following me and wasn’t leaving me alone. It started bugging me but when he followed me each block and short cut I took he was there and he tried to grab me and I tried to defend myself getting away.


I’m really busy and I don’t drive so I like to walk down the street eating food, mostly fruit in the summer. At least once a day some man will ask me for a bite, or if he can have some. Always with a sexual intonation in his voice. Mostly like “Hey ma, lemme get … Continued

We Must Do Something

It’s incredibly frustrating to be touched on the street on my normal walk home thats apparently “safer” than the other routes. I want people to know that this is never an isolated incident it’s constantly happening and we MUST do something to end the constant attacks on women.