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HOLLAWho? Meet Bogotá.

Interview conducted by Lauren Bedosky.   When did you start your holla? In October, 2011. Why start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean to you? Street harassment is a real problem in Bogotá, and in Colombia in general. We wanted to make people aware of this problem. We thought that starting a Holla was … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: We do not speak.

I moved to a new town last summer and met a boy on my swim team. Although he appeared nice at first, I was soon informed thay he was a little “off.” I soon understood what this met. Even when I told him I was busy he would not stop texting me, and although he … Continued

HOLLA How To Guide: How To Chalk Up The Streets

Brought to you by Hollaback! Boston  Sidewalk chalking is a fun, safe, and super easy way to bring awareness to street harassment. Chalking allows you to create slogans, quotes, or drawings that can be displayed on sidewalks or walls in public spaces. The cool thing about chalking is that you can do it with just one … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: International Women’s Day Edition

Howdy, Hollas! Happy International Women’s Day! I’m sending all the women and supporters-of-women much love today.  I hope you are all celebrating and holla’ing with full hearts and voices on this very awesome day. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week at the mothership: Our board member Allison Sesso represented us at the Women’s Equality … Continued