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“Yo, faggots!”

I was walking along the street with my boyfriend (holding his band) and a convertible passed by with one of the passengers putting their left index through a circle made by his right thumb and right index while screaming “yo, faggots!”. It was essentially meant to represent anal sex and be used as a homophobic … Continued

“I wish I had stood up to them…”

After getting off a plane, one of the people waiting in line muttered “tramp” because I was wearing yoga pants as I passed by him. I tried to make myself think I misheard him, especially since I was embarrassed to confront him at the airport with other people around. Then later after I got off … Continued

Walking back to work from lunch…

Walking back to work from lunch, a guy standing nearby said, “excuse me, miss. excuse me. Miss?! You dropped something. My JAW.” I flipped him the bird. He said “yeah, if you want me to, I will.” Still walking, I turned around and flipped him off with both hands and said, “F*** YOU.” He repeated … Continued

“he felt entitled to objectify me”

I was on my way home from the bus stop at about 9:30pm and I walked up beside this guy, he glanced at me so I said ‘Hi’ to make it less awkward, and he said something equivalent, and then a few moments later he said I was beautiful, I said thanks. Then he said … Continued

I was followed while walking alone at night

I was walking my dog between 9:30 and 10pm. My dog heard something and turned around to look. There was a man in dark pants and a dark jacket with a fur trim walking slowly and quietly behind us. He showed every intention of continuing in this manner until my large dog gave him a … Continued

“I felt dirty”

I was walking home after a bad party, I felt miserable. In front of me, a young man stopped and looked at my clothes and my sad face. – Oh, you looks so good ! he sayed. – Not really, no… I kept walking but he followed me and put his arm around my shoulder. … Continued

Homophobic Policeman

I was kissing my boyfriend (I am a guy too) and a private police start to yell to us and he said that we were been recorded by security cameras but wait, what’s the wrong part of kissing my boyfriend? It is sad that I cannot kiss my love wherever I want because the homophobic … Continued

Asking for sexual favors

I was walking home during the day after school. It was very cold, so I was practically covered from head to two. I large group of men probably in their 40’s sat in some chairs on the sidewalk smoking and chatting. Whenever I walk alone, I walk with my headphones in even if I am … Continued

Pas de vie

A l’angle de la rue du 14 juillet et de l’avenue de fontainebleau le bureau de tabac souvent squatter à l’extérieur par des hommes de 15 à plus de 30 ans mon amie est continuellement accosté lourdement , suivi à l’intérieur du tabac ou insulté car elle ne répond pas , ou maté comme un … Continued