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HOLLA ON THE GO: new submission from phone app

An older man approached my female friends and I and started hitting on my middle, Asian friend. Perhaps because she was smallest. He said things like “just because you are wearing cool colors (she was wearing a blue shirt) doesn’t mean you’re not hot. You might be the hottest one here.”

Anonymous’s Story: Stop yelling things at me

One day while walking through the downtown area of my town, a car with two men was driving alongside me.  The men started yelling things like, “Hey baby,” “Look here” and “I’d like to get with you” out the window at me.  I quickened my pace to move away from them.

Norma’s Story: Didn’t stop

This jerk stood outside his car and said, “Damn.”  Grabbing his chin, he stared and proceeded to whistle at me and my sister as we walked into a store…the whole walk seemed to take forever.  Gave him the finger and kept walking, but that didn’t stop him.