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State of the Streets: London

“To us, street harassment is a kind of code. It’s a code that means the same thing regardless of whether its spoken with grabs, gropes or leers, close whispers or faraway shouts. What Hollaback does, both here in London and across the world, is unscramble this code completely, laying bare what it really means and … Continued

State of the Streets: Istanbul

“Hollaback! has become a part of my identity and has given me guidance for my professional and personal endeavors, now and in the future.” – Kacie Lyn Kocher   Our first bilingual site, Hollaback! Istanbul launched in August of 2011, as Site Leader Kacie Lyn Kocher sought a way to make a difference both in … Continued

State of the Streets: Gwynedd, Wales

“We started because street harassment, particularly of students, is a massive problem in Bangor, and it’s a problem that no one wants to take seriously.”   -Jennifer Krase   One of our youngest sites, Hollaback! Gwynedd, launched in April of this year and has already had a significant impact on their community.  Gwynedd has already partnered … Continued

State of the Streets: Croatia

“Story sharing is a novelty in Croatia…. We offer innovative ways of activism with our web based approach.” – Barbara Perasović   Harassment of women in Croatia is a widespread phenomenon and has an impact on the lives of many women and LGBTQ people. However, in Croatia, the phenomenon of street harassment is rarely discussed … Continued

State of the Streets: Czech Republic

“Now I have a worldwide community of people whom I not only feel get me, but whom I completely respect, can laugh with, can lament with, and with whom I can enjoy the beauty of unequivocal and mutual support in daily life and activism. “ – Gail Whitmore After her relocation to the Czech Republic … Continued

State of the Streets: Montreal

“Street harassment is something that has plagued me for my entire adult life…. I wanted to start up a Hollaback! site here to work towards the goal of eradicating street harassment in my own city, as well as to contribute to a global culture which does not accept street harassment.” – Kira Poirier Site Leaders … Continued

State of the Streets: Columbia, Missouri

“My whole life I’ve been subjected to harassment and abuse in public settings, and before I read about Hollaback, I never really talked about it with anyone… It takes a lot of courage to face stories of mental and physical street harassment, but it’s the first step in healing and taking control of situations in … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: road rage, harassment edition

Coming home from work, a man nearly hit me coming into my lane. To alert him of this, I honked. In retaliation, he thought following me was a good idea. He followed me for 30 minutes, including waiting around the corner out of sight while I deposited a check at the bank, which took nearly … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: rude&crude

I had just walked out of a club and was helping out my drunk guy friend that I was with when a couple of men started yelling over at me to come over by them. So I ignore it and kept walking and unfortunately had to walk by them to get to my car, so … Continued