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Lesson #3: Strong-ties and warm-fuzzy feelings are essential.

BY SAMUEL CARTER AND EMILY MAY EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fourth installment in our Women’s History Month series of posts highlighing our living history. As our history is still in progress, we hope you’ll give us feedback so we can strengthen our work. The next three posts will be released over the next week … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: Full Frontal Feministing

Hello Amazing Hollas! We are now at the tail end of Womens History Month 2013. Many, many of you hosted and attended incredible events around the world, speaking on our site and all over the media about harassment, doing our part in this international conversation about everyday violence by holla-ing back! Well done. POLICY! I … Continued

Women’s History Month: telling our own.

BY EMILY MAY AND SAM CARTER March is Women’s history month, and as we celebrate the incredible strides that women have made throughout history, we also wanted to take a moment to document our own history. Some of it you may know, some of it you may not.  In any case, we wanted to take … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Chandigarh.

Meet Rubina Singh, site leader in Chandigarh, India. Interview conducted by Rita Beth.   When did you start your holla? August 2011 Why did you start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback! mean to you? Street harassment had become a daily reality for me. I was tired and had no idea what to do about … Continued

HOLLAWho? Meet Bogotá.

Interview conducted by Lauren Bedosky.   When did you start your holla? In October, 2011. Why start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean to you? Street harassment is a real problem in Bogotá, and in Colombia in general. We wanted to make people aware of this problem. We thought that starting a Holla was … Continued