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They asked if I was OK. I said no

Turning into avenue orban walking to the swimming pool a man started gesturing to me. I kept walking headphones in. He caught up and got very close to me, telling me I was pretty. I kept walking but he followed, still trying to talk to me about the way I looked. He began getting annoyed … Continued

Corner store harassment

It was almost 9 pm and my daughter and I ran out of milk. I decided to walk to the store that’s around the corner from my place to get some milk, as I’m walking back, a man in a white sedan slows down and asks me if i need a ride, he was holding … Continued

A longer route home

This happened really long time ago,, when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was at a night market, and almost ready to walk home, when I ran into a neighbour that I used to hang out with, a boy couple years older than me. I was in grade 5 or 6, and … Continued

Shaken up at the train

Late in the evening after seeing a play I was walking outside of the train station, arms crossed over my chest because of the cold and hurrying to catch a bus. A pair of drunken tourist men in their twenties were hanging around the 711. One jumped out in front of me, invading my personal … Continued

Racing Driver

One night, when my friend and I were about to cross the road along the crosswalk, we noticed that a car was far from us and it should be safe to cross the road. However, when we were at the middle of the road the driver started to accelerate and rushed away right in front … Continued

Hallway harassment

This group of guys from school always harass me in the halls saying things like “hey babe” “come here sexy” and sometimes even try to grab me or put their arms around me and then they just laugh. I know the teachers won’t care because one time I was walking through the halls trying to … Continued

you know I would ravage you, right?

I had gone out for dinner and drinks with a friend, and after leaving to head home, i was standing on a corner waiting for my cab home. This guy comes up from out of nowhere, starts repeatedly saying how hot I am, forces me to shake his hand and introduces himself, asks for my … Continued

Ageism on the Bus

This guy was sitting across from myself and a man on the Rapid Ride D bus going down 3rd Ave. He kept leaning over to the man next to me and saying “You’re old. You’re ugly. You’re a coward.” Trying to pick a fight or something? I don’t know. He was visibly drunk or on … Continued

Nope! Not today!

I was on my way to a movie with friends. He said “Hey beautiful” to me as we passed each other in the crosswalk. He then stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, stared at me, and asked, “Where you going?” I said, “Fuck you!” and kept walking.

Didn’t Tell Him My Name

Him: Hey. Hi beautiful. What’s your name? Me: None of your damn business. Him: That’s pretty unique. (Walks away.) You dumb bitch! (Continues screaming expletives at me. I pull out my phone.) Him: Yeah call the police you dumb bitch!