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A Guy Started Running His Hands Through My Hair

I’ve not told anyone about this, but it occurred last November. The problem: everyone in the area believes a person can never put their hands on someone to defend themselves, or they’ll risk getting arrested for assault. And to me, that’s worse than the incidents. After shopping, I was waiting for the bus. It was … Continued

How Are We Supposed to React???

I’ve been on the receiving-end of verbal ever since I moved to this area more than a decade ago – southside Des Moines. Usually a matter of catcalling on the street, but it’s become increasingly vulgar, and I honestly don’t know how to deal with it. I feel VICTIMIZED – not because of their behaviors, … Continued

Whistles, Honks, and Aggression on the Way Home

I was walking home 2 miles from the light rail stop. More than half way there, a group of guys outside a run-down laundromat start whistling and hollering. I continue walking and they all chime in yelling things like “Hey baby” “Why don’t you come over here” “You’re looking good.” As I get further away … Continued

Every Time I Feel Humiliated

I was only 14 when a guy from my school called my name and said “Samantha you have long legs. Alex would bang.” So he noticed my legs, told me he noticed them and said his friend Alex would have sex with me. How many levels of wrong is that? I was walking with my … Continued

Nonconsensual Kiss Attempt

I was about to walk through one set of double doors and there was another beside it where an older man was walking out of. I’m walking briskly as I always do, to catch up with my friends, and the man leans over and nearly kisses my cheek as he walks the other way. It … Continued

Ne olursa olsun herkes insandir ve ortak yasam alanlarinda ozgurce nefes almasi bir haktir.

Sabah erken saatlerde yola cikmistim acil bir isim vardi . isimiz hallettikten sonra pek de islek olmayan bir durakta otobusumu bekliyordum. Yolun kenarinda yorulup oturmustum tansiyon hastasi oldugum icin uzun sure ayakta duramiyorum. Sonrasinda yoldan gecen motosikletli yaslari 20 25 civari 2 genc erkek bana kornalar calmaya basladi ben kafami aksi yonde cevirdigim halde bana … Continued

I still couldn’t shake off the fear

I HAD BEEN STALKED BY SOME RANDOM STRANGER FOR 6 MONTHS If you live in Western countries, this matter gets taken more seriously than in Indonesia. However, it happened to me and I still can’t get over the fear from it. This took place about a decade ago, back when social media wasn’t as much … Continued

This Has Happened to Me Countless Times

I was on a metro platform at the Cleveland Park station in NW Washington DC after getting off the train. A young man who had gotten off the train at the same time was staring at me and walking next to me while I was walking towards the exit looking at my phone. He said … Continued