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Later That Night Donald Trump Was Elected

I was walking to the pharmacy last election day when a car pulled up beside me. The driver shouted something that started with “Hey darlin’”, I ignored him and didn’t hear the rest of what he said. I walked a little further and the same car pulled up beside me again, this time he said … Continued

I Went Numb and Tried to Keep My Composure

The following incidences occurred in Cleveland, Ohio. The first guy followed me to my apartment and wouldn’t leave until I gave him a fake phone number. Unfortunately, he lived right across the street and continued to harass me for a month. Another guy in the neighborhood followed me from the corner store on his bike, … Continued

Bus Stop Masturbator

I was waiting at the bus one night late and all alone. A man came near me and pretended to be on the phone. Meanwhile I became a bit scared because it was so obvious that he was faking his phone call. I lit a cigarette and tried to ignore him, when all of a … Continued

Two Years of Harassment at the Bar

Translated post: A man in the local bar keeps staring at me insistently and has already called me over and over again for almost 2 years. It scares me and puts me under pressure.   Original submission: Un homme au bar du coin ne cesse de me regarder de manière insistante et m’a déjà interpellé … Continued

The Silence of My Fellow Bus Riders

Everyday I ride the bus home from work, which takes about an hour. To pass the time I read books. Just today I got a call from my mother and chatted for about 15 minutes. When my phone call was over, I pulled out my book and started reading. All of the sudden I get … Continued

I Pretended Not to See Him

I was walking to the bus stop after a Zumba class, and a man ran down the street after me to tell me that he thought I was really beautiful and would I give him my number and go out with him. As he came up next to me and tried to wave at me … Continued

I Could Tell He Wasn’t Harmless

I was walking along the road with my grandma, in the little village where she lives, when this man in a van pulls up beside us playing music and singing. He leered at us whilst singing, so I just glared at him. I could tell he wasn’t harmless. Seeing that I wasn’t amused, or scared … Continued

I Just Want People to Help

It was yesterday and some guy followed me, started talking to me, and grabbing my hand. I told him to stop and walked away and called my friend – mind you it was 4 in the afternoon and so many people were walking by and I was yelling at this guy to stop and no … Continued

What Did I Do to Deserve This?

Was walking alone in the city centre at night – around half 1 in the morning to get food after a night out. I was apprehensive about going because it meant I had to walk alone myself. When halfway to my destination, three men in their 30s shouted at me, asking if I wanted to … Continued

Like He Was a Lion About to Pounce

I was waiting for the bus, sitting on a bench in black pants and jacket, when a car pulled up across the road, intentionally stopping several feet away from the stoplight in order to yell at me from his car. This was in broad daylight in the afternoon, and thankfully there was enough traffic noise … Continued